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Mod’s That Keep You IN THE GAME

Content of the article: "Mod’s That Keep You IN THE GAME"

Good list of mods that keep you in the game: SSE


The goal here is to minimize load screens and pausing, here's some things that could use improvement:

  • I dislike pausing to switch between bow and sword, especially since I'm using All Geared Up, hot keys with favorites gets tedious. I love how horizon zero dawn and assassins creed handle this, hold right click to knock arrow, hold left click pull and release; otherwise you're in melee mode. Its so intuitive, like cancel bow attack's with melee, ah I love it. Not sure how that could work in skyrim.
  • How does iEquip play with ALLGUD and other mods?
  • I don't like pausing to drink a potion, and would love to see it animated.
  • Load doors suck, open cities is… you know how it is…
  • Pausing to save is annoying, autosaving is lacking, and quick save is corrupt.
  • Skyrim Souls, is apparently outdated (confirm this please)
  • Less menus and reading the better
  • Assigning 15 different hot keys can be confusing, I love jumping into a game/mod and having it already set up intuitively, I get it though.
  • Touring Carriages has incompatibles with certain mods that add appendages to bodies, wish there was a patch. I'm willing to give it up though so I can use touring carriages. Any other incompatibles I'm not aware of for that one? Or alternatives?
  • Dying is can be more of a nuisance than it needs to be. What's a good death alternative, or mod that auto saves in good spots? I don't like the ability to save where ever I want and just load if I die, but also don't want to get to the end of a 45 minute dungeon crawl and die at the end loosing all progress and wasting time.
  • Fast travel is a little too convenient, I end up sitting in load screens more than I'd like to, but don't want to have to walk across the entire map to complete a bounty or something simple. Need a mod that is a good balance between convenient and immersive.
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If you have anything else that might keep you in the game lets chat! Thanks y'all


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