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Mods to make Skyrim a bit more like Monster Hunter World

I'm currently playing Monster Hunter World and I love it. I'm wondering if there are ways to make Skyrim more like MHW in certain ways. Here are the aspects of MHW that I'd like to port over to Skyrim if possible:

1) Lots of careful prep: Whenever you go out on a difficult quest, you need to carefully prep what you bring. Different monsters have different strengths and weaknesses, different areas require different gear, and the armor, weapons, and other gear you bring along will need to be carefully tailored to what you think you'll face. If you don't have what you need, then you won't be able to go up against that particular boss / quest until you go out and gather the necessary ingredients.

Mods I know of so far:

  • {Know Your Enemy}, {Bring Your Silver}, {Truly Undead}
  • {Pick Your Poison} is also kind of in this direction in that you do a lot of more strategic and focused foraging
  • Mods that limit what you can carry also help because you can't just bring your entire arsenal along.
  • Survival mods would presumably help as well, because you need careful preparation just to survive in certain areas.
  • In general the whole {Thoughtful Skyrim} modlist is related to this. On the other hand, that modlist was last updated about a year ago, and I imagine there are some new options and additions that have come out since then.
  • What other mods am I missing that help for this?
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2) Fewer enemies but much harder: I know I'm in the small minority here, but I actually prefer fewer enemies in my Skyrim world. I don't want to run into enemies every 20 feet when I'm traipsing through the wilderness, and especially not when I'm on the road or close to settled areas. I don't even like tons of enemies in caves. And I especially don't like lots of magic-wielding enemies all over the place – magic users IMO should be rare but very dangerous.

Instead, I prefer a world in which monsters and enemies are out there lurking deep in the wilderness or hidden away in fortresses and caves, but when you do find those enemies they are a real challenge to defeat. Meaning that most of the fights you get into are going to end up feeling like hard boss fights – which is what just about every major fight in MHW feels like.

The exceptions to the above are:

  • Civil War soldiers – those should be more common IMO, just not the mages. After all, there is a war going on!
  • Some lower-level enemies where it makes logical sense for them to come in groups and where the "boss-fight-level" difficulty comes precisely because they come in groups. So maybe bandits, Forsworn, draugr, etc. But even these should probably be less common but more powerful than in vanilla (there seem to be more bandits than civilized people in vanilla!), plus there should be only a very few but powerful magic wielders.
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Mods I know of so far:

  • {Skyrim Belongs to the Nords – Bandit Edition} removes a lot of mages from bandit groups.
  • {No Road Predators Redone (with Less Predators Addon)}, {Certainly Less Annoying Wildlife Spawns – CLAWS}, or {True Hunter} for the animals. Not sure which of those to go with though.
  • I think I read somewhere that you might be able to use {ASIS} to decrease spawns if you want. Not sure if that actually works though, plus there's the annoyance of having to port it over to SSE.
  • There are lots of well-known mods that increase combat difficulty in general, so at least that part of what I'm looking for won't be much of an issue, I think.
  • Civil War mods generally increase the number of soldiers, which is good, but I'm not sure whether there's still a lot of mages.
  • A few select mods that add in unique or extremely rare powerful new monsters would probably be good. What are your favorites?

3) Unique enemy move sets that need to be studied: I think {Ultimate Combat} does this? What other mods do this well?

4) Ecology and research: I really like how in MHW there's a big focus on making the monsters fit into the ecosystem, and where you need to do actual ecological research (tracking and observing, mostly) to learn more about each creature's strengths and weaknesses. Is there anything like this for Skyrim?

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