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More racially distinct movements in The Elder Scrolls 6

One thing I'd really like to see them add in the Elder Scrolls 6 is more racially distinct movements/animations so that when you choose to play as a certain race it actually makes a visceral impact on your experience (in previous games playing as each race feels the exact same despite them all having incredibly different physiology). So if you play as a Khajiit you should actually feel light-footed and agile and nimble. When you roll or dodge (if those mechanics are reinstated) it should feel fluid and effortless, and hand-to-hand combat should be much more acrobatic and savage when playing as a Khajiit. A Khajiit should jump higher, leap further, take less fall damage and move in a cat-like way. If you then play as a Nord or an Orc it should feel completely different, you should feel heavy and dense and solid. When you jump you should barely get off the ground, the mass of your character weighing you down. But you feel powerful and immovable, a tank. And when you swing your weapon it feels more impactful, more brutal. Then if you're swimming as an Argonian character you should feel like a knife cutting through the water, speeding past the other races with your tail swaying in a crocodile-like movement. When you turn or move underwater you should have the fluidity of an eel. Altmer, Bretons and Dunmer could have more elaborate and impressive gestures when performing spells. You feel like you come from a culture where magic is deeply imbedded and you've been casting from a young age. The same with Bosmer and their bows. If you want standard movement you play as a Redguard or Imperial.

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I think this would be simple but extremely effective for them to add. It would make the world feel more immersive and playing as each race would be a unique experience rather than just a re-skin. What do you think?


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