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Morrowind Fargoth kill speedrun 1:45, any% (openmw)

After a lot of tries, I finaly did it, I killed Fargoth below 1:50 minute.

The run is not that hard, but it contains some real deal breaker RNG elements that can ruin the run:
– The Firebite spell damage
– Fargoth position
– The guards position

Fargoth is overal a very weak npc with his 41 hp. There are 2 ways to kill him,
– Use the dagger which can be found on the table
– Use the firebite spell which you can get if you have choose the Destruction skills as your major skill.

I tried the dagger path first, but it's kinda bad, because even with 170 strength (redguard Adrenaline Rush + 2 mazte + 1 flin), it takes around 7-8 hit to kill Fargoth, not to mention that the guards always catch me, which results in a dialoue window, which is time loss.

So the only viable path is the firebite spell.
However … Firebite has a damage range of 15-30 pts, and Fargoth has 41 hp. Which means that there is a huge chance that I can't kill him in 2 shot, and by the third cast, the guards will catch me. Not to mention that a third cast is a huge time loss.

Now that we know the way to kill Fargoth, there are still 2 more obstacle.
Fargoth and the guards position.
As soon as you get out from the ship, the npcs will start to walk in random directions.

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When I get out from the Census and Excise office, Fargoth is usualy located:
– in front of me
– near the wall
– somewhere between Vodunius house and the Census tower

The best scenario if he is between the house and the tower, because I will have a clean path to kite him away toward the water. The other two sucks, cause there is usually a guard nearby.

And now the biggest problem … the guards.
The guards are fast, so if Fargoth is not at my desired location, they will catch me.
There are three of them and they can be anywhere:
– somewhere on the street.
– near the shacks
– near Arrille's tradehouse
– between the Census office and tower

If they catch me, the dialouge window will pop up, resulting in click to resist arrest option, which is depending on my cursor location is around 2 sec time loss.
I had the best scenario, because only one guard was nearby (near Arrille's tradehouse), so I had a clean shot on Fargoth.

Can this time improved?
Definitely. I was playing on openmw (version 0.47), and I didn't manage to do the wall skip, which can save around 4-5 seconds.

I hope others will try this category, I'm realy curious if we can go below 1:40.

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(if there is some grammer error, or bad formating sry, I will try to fix it).


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