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MORTAL KOMBAT the soon to be mod, what to expect/news/updates.

TL/DR You fight, a lot, in Hell.

Another reddit user asked me what my Mortal Kombat mod is all about and I decided instead of simply replying to him that I'd make a post so everyone who is interested in Mortal Kombat can chime in about the developtment.

Near the town of Morthal resides a drunkard named Bo' Rai Cho. Should you enter his house he will try to murder death kill you. On his corpse you find an invitation to a Tournament known as "Mortal Kombat"

The tournament is held in a plane of Oblivion known as Outworld ruled by the fiersome Shao Kahn. The tournament is a contest between each of the 17 daedric lords. Each lord pits thier 3 best champions in a fight to the death to see who walks away the victor.

The winner is allowed to use the forces of Outworld to attack any mortal they so wish. The previous winner of the Mortal Kombat Tournament was Mehrunes Dagon and he used the combined might of his forces and Outworlds to start the Oblivion crisis.

Inside Bo' Rai Cho's house the first thing you will notice is that it was built around a fully functional Oblivion Gate. This must be how Sanguine gets around Skyrim so easily as BRC is one of his 3 champions… Travel through the oblivion gate…

You find yourself now in a hellish nightmare known as Outworld ( I used as the world of Outland.)

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You must battle from section to section facing 3 of the best champions that each daedric lord has to offer…

Can you defeat Goro, Sheeva and Ruthay the champions of Malacath? Will Sub-Zero, Frost and Cyber Sub-Zero freeze you in your tracks? Will Scorpion Tremor and Monster rip your spine out? Or will you triumph over them and all EIGHTY SEVEN, that's 8 friggin 7 together, 87 combatants and stop the forces of Outworld from bolstering the next Daerdic Plot forever?

What started out as me wanteing to make a mod called "Morthal Kombat" because I think I'm funny, turned into 25 characters. Then I realized I was missing some pretty classic character's from the franchise. Then I worried that I was adding too many males and not enough females…. I can't be a hypocrite to my daughter so all the female characters were added. Then I was 15 characters away from all of them so I figured "Hey, why not?" Then I had some holes to fill so I dug deep into the MK lore books to fill those holes. Did you know Shao Kahn had a little pet Demon named Ruthay?

Then after I made the tournament with 3 fighters per daedric lord I had a bunch of leftover fighters with no home. So I then using Elinora's "Nakahara" mod I created the White Lotus Temple where you can recruit Liu Kang and all the other members of the White Lotus.

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Still had a few homeless characters I made so I made the base of the Black Dragon Clan again using elinora's content.

Both the black dragon clan and the white lotus society members are all recruitable. None of the tournament contestants are recruitable except scorpion and quan chi whom are both summonable after defeating him.

In my time developing this mod so far I have peaked many people's interest. There is a brand new movie coming out soon and I couldn't be more excited because I started this mod before I ever new about the movie so to me this is a sign! I;ve been collaborating with many different people to make this mod work.

I was able to get a perfect quan chi replica made, Scorpion's Kunai with grapple hook effect, a custom made Shinnok helm, awesome assets from many many many different people have gone into the Kreation of this mod so far and I couldn't be more grateful!

I still have yet to find armor that Kitana and Mileena can wear in front of my daughter but everything else is coming along splendidly.

I am actually in the middle of a huge move that is dragging out longer than it should, lots of repairs to my ol 86 f350 to be done. But in what little time I do have I've been plugging away.

There is lots and lots of little tweaks to be made yet to this mod. Maybe someone can send me a voice file of them doing a good scorpion "get over here" so I can add that. I wouldn't expect the mod to be ready for another month at this rate amybe longer. I want it to be very polished and pretty when I do release it in honor of Mortal Kombat being the first video game I've ever played and in honor of the movie…

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And yes, Mortal Kombat music plays in outworld…. Duh. 🙂

If you guys and gals have any ideas/bitches/gripes/groans/complaints/comments/criticism I'd love to hear it!


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