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So a long time ago, back in the days of the early 2000's, I was playing Morrowind on the OG Xbox. I had no internet, no guide, just the game, the small book that came in the case, the map, and my imagination. This is a story about the most memorable item to me, the Glass Longsword.

I was a poor N'wah, few drakes to my name, and I was doing a quest to HOPEFULLY earn some coin. I came upon a shack with a dunmer woman inside, and she had on her some very expensive and powerful looking loot. I couldn't see that she had a sword (Morrowind didn't have that ability back then) but I could see she had a glass shield. Her name was Ivrosa Verethi. I somehow got into a fight with her, and won by luck alone (I was low level). I had acquired a glass longsword! I took one look at the value and stats and thought "This is an epic sword, one that shall win many battles for me!" I was now equipped and ready for the rest of the world. I ventured forth, to seek my fortune and glory.

As all stories like this one, there is a twist, heartbreak, and loss. I was lost in the Molag Amur region, or thereabouts, and encountered many beasts. while going down a path that lead downhill, I encountered a creature that seemed stronger than the others. It wasn't anything too strange, just a normal beast, but it took more hits, and it hit harder. The fight was a close one, but I won in the end, killing the creature. It was at that moment I realized, I couldn't move. I was rooted to the spot, with the text box on the screen reading "You have contracted Black Heart Blight Disease". My strength was sapped. I had no spells, scrolls, or potions. I had not listened to the advice of the npcs. I was stuck, in the middle of nowhere, with next to no strength. Barely able to carry the cloths on my back. I hadn't saved in hours (I know, risky on the old xbox) and didn't know what to do… so I saved, which wasn't ideal, and dropped everything I had, save a shirt and pants. I couldn't even carry my sword, the sword that I had fought so hard for, the sword that seemed far too epic to leave behind, because I may never find another like it. I had no choice. I was low on health and desperate.

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I left the items there and ran (out of fear of being chased by more monsters) to the nearest town I could happen upon. I ended up at an Imperial Fortress called Moonmoth (You know, right outside Balmora, the world seemed so large back then) It took a long time to reach this place, and I lost my way several times, but I found it. I went inside, got cured, and went out into the world again. Try as I might though, I could never find my glass longsword again. I sometimes like to think of it, out there, somewhere, under the ash, buried by storms, just waiting for my return.

So that's my story of the most memorable item in Morrowind for me. What's your story?


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