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Musings of Malnourished Mer

Content of the article: "Musings of Malnourished Mer"

Though I would really like fellow adventurers to read this. I must express a warning for possible spoilers. It sucks to be prematurely exposed to things one is not yet prepared for. Without further ado, let us begin.

While wandering the wilds of Reaper's March, I was attacked by a swarm of wasps. Okay? That be an everyday kinda thing. But there was something to this encounter I have never before seen. After slaying the insects I heard a strange squishing sound. Before I knew it, my back was littered with wiggling egg sacks. With a concerning POP. I became the mother to a baby wasp. Which just followed me around. This interesting experience ended when my dungeon finder popped for the first time all week. Thus ends the tale of an unsuspected insect motherhood of a male mer.

During my unsuccessful search for power. I found myself lost and unfulfilled. Which lead me to questing. At times, especially in the beginning. Quests can seem quite repetitive gaining the titles of pest control specialist or errand runner. Perhaps those simple tasks may be better than where I presently find myself. With the progression of main quests, I am forced to make difficult decisions which this meek mer is most unprepared. It seems like always lose my cherished companions and for what? I see no real positive impact. We fought so very hard for the people, for the alliance, for the world. Yet the enemies remain, and my friends, lost.

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Walked the path of two moons last night. What a cruel experience that was. I could have never foreseen the immense emotional turmoil waiting for me. In my option, the "choices" given aren't really choices. How will I ever be able to be happy with a given "choice" when there seems to always be loss involved. I suppose creating multiple paths of reality would be a lot of work for the gods above. I guess that is where the illusion of choice comes into play.

One thing I very much appreciate is being acknowledged. "The Savior of Davon's Watch", "Divines Bless You!", "No one comes out of Crypt of Hearts alive". Pretty much all I can think of at the moment. But I would just like to say that these little comments add so much to my adventures. It helps me to feel as though the immense amount of time spent in my travels made an impact of some sort. This really provides a second wind of sorts upon my 8th trip to and from the crafting stations to the writ chests. Side note: Solitude is absolutely not the place to get your equipment certification.

Perhaps this reads as boring. Didn't put all that much effort into attempting to be comical as my jokes often rely on negativity. Today I am Positive Patricia. Thanks if anyone read this. I hope you have a good day. For we could all use a good day.

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