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My #1 complaint with the game — Are there mods that address it?

Content of the article: "My #1 complaint with the game — Are there mods that address it?"

I've been doing an efficient leveling playthrough and as such I've gotten a lot of skill bonuses. In fact almost all of my minor skills are now at 100. I didn't realize until this playthrough though that Fortify Skill effects don't benefit you at all past 100 (with the minor minor exception of athletics and acrobatics).

More and more while playing now, I encounter items, greater powers, buffs, etc. with Fortify Skill on them and they are all completely useless, because my skill is already at 100. Most recently I decided to become a vampire and hence my destruction was boosted from 81 to 101. However now, I'm unable to gain skill ups in destruction because Oblivion will not award you with skill xp if the skill is at or above 100. Long story short, I can no use destruction to gain attribute bonuses in Intelligence (unless I were to drain my own Destruction skill or something, not sure if that works).

Moreover there are a few skills that 'Foritfy Skill: ____' is pretty much useless. Fortify Alchemy is bugged even with the unofficial patches and has no effect whatsoever (even if it worked, it wouldn't do anything past 100 because of what I mentioned above). Fortify Security and Fortify Speechcraft are both made completely useless by Alteration and Illusion respectively. Any of the Fortify Blade, Blunt, Hand to Hand, Marksman can be made worthless if your character doesn't employ that fighting style. Basically if you think about it, there's only a tiny amount of Fortify Skill effects that are even semi useful, and even then almost all become worthless at 100.

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I've searched for mods for this but I don't get many relevant results. I'm sure some overhaul has taken a shot at it, surely? An ideal mod would do one or more of the three things:

  • Skill increases past 100 actually do something

  • Skill increases in magic, security, alchemy, speechcraft, mercantile, are now actually useful

  • Skills can be leveled even if at or above 100, as long as your base level (before fortify effects) is below 100


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