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My decision between purchasing a PS5 or an Xbox Series X has somehow come down to… this game.

Content of the article: "My decision between purchasing a PS5 or an Xbox Series X has somehow come down to… this game."

How bizarre.

Some history here: I bought Skyrim for Xbox 360 at launch and played it for around 300 hours. That's peanuts next to some folks but for me it was far and away the longest time I'd yet spent on a video game. Six years later, I purchased Special Edition for my PS4 and dropped another 150 or so hours, utilizing the limited mod capability of the system as best I could. To this day, I've not had the opportunity to play Skyrim "the way it's meant to be played," as they say — AKA, with tons of excellent user-generated quests and such.

Flash-forward to November 2020. I'm (probably) going to be the proud owner of a brand new PS5 or Xbox Series X come Friday morning. And just a handful of days prior to that moment I still cannot choose which one.

To be clear, I intend to own both by around early-to-mid 2022. But my leisure money is fairly strict — I consider myself blessed as-is that I can afford one of them but I sure can't afford both right now. The decision rests on which route to take for the time being.

PS5 stuff that interests me: Final Fantasy 16; Final Fantasy 14 running more smoothly than on my PS4; Final Fantasy 7 Remake continuation (noticing a pattern here?), Ghost of Tsushima, and doubtlessly some other JRPGs on the way here and there.

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XSX stuff that interests me: Game Pass seems spectacular; I'll have a way to replay old classics again like Dragon Age: Origins and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic; even Oblivion looks cooler than ever thanks to Xbox One X enhancement; Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI eventually; I can do Skyrim the way I've always wanted to do Skyrim.

It's such an allure. Such an appeal. My brain can't yet decide whether or not I would prefer to wait and dabble into Skyrim with full Xbox system glory later on, when Starfield's around the corner and I'm a new XSX owner? Or… do so now, in time for winter, checking out legendary content like "Return to Bruma" and "Legacy of the Dragonborn" whilst putting off stuff like Ghost of Tsushima and better FF14 play, and not buying a PS5 until around FF16 launches?

I'm not sure what the point of this rant is. I guess I wanted to share the tumult!

I will ask one thing: Just how pretty and smooth do you reckon I can get Skyrim on PS5? I remember getting the game to look rather lovely on PS4 but the aging console stuttered with it a lot. I'm wondering if I can settle for a beautiful but not quite different trip through Nordic lands again for now and come back one more time in a couple more years.

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What are some of the best PlayStation-compatible mods around? That could also help me decide. 🙂

Y'all are the best, sorry for the rant!


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