The Elder Scrolls

My first ever playthrough is going well and I’m quite proud of myself.

I've been trying to get in to Morrowind ever since I first tried to play it in 2008. Each time I would spend 10 minutes walking around Seyda Neen laughing at the walking/running animations, maybe try to hit one of those little yellow slugs 50 times (and miss 49 times), then uninstall it. Well a few days ago I finally said "no more!" and resolved myself to giving it a serious go. I'm 7.5 hours playtime now and I've fallen in love with it.

I'm a Dark Elf spellsword named Umryc (thanks, name generator website!). Right off the boat I gave this cute little Wood Elf his ring back because I felt sorry for him, then refused to help a big mean Nord steal his secret stash. I bought a cursed ring from some dude for 100 golds – I didn't want it but I felt sorry for him because he needed the money to go somewhere else. Cleared out some cave called Adamantius or something, sold everything to buy some armour. Was getting frustrated with having to drop the moon sugar and skooma every time I wanted to barter, but figured out most Khajiit will buy that stuff so sold it and used the money to do some skill training.

Ignored all the advice to take a silt strider to Balmorra and ran there without a problem. Found that shirtless Imperial agent (and his crack pipe), he told me to join a guild so I joined the mages guild. Went on an adventure to find some mushrooms, found the mushrooms but got murdered by a man by a bridge who warned me about bandits in the area, then murdered me when I refused to hand over 100 golds. My last save was like 30 minutes ago. Not cool. Next I discovered that you can loot all the crates in Balmorra and it isn't considered stealing. Awesome! I didn't take all the goodies because I thought that would make me too much money and it felt kind of like cheating, but I did take all the restore fatigue ingredients to make potions and improve my alchemy. Almost every single potion attempt failed. I did not improve my alchemy.

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I just went and collected some mages guild dues from some idiot studying Oblivion energy in a cave full of demons and stuff, then convinced some other idiot to join the mages guild so they can pay regular dues and run errands like I'm doing, and now I'm hitting (mostly missing) cliff racers to get my spear skill up to raise my endurance by +5 when I level up.

So this is what I'm doing with my life now at 4am at the age of 32.


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