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My First Mod – CC Dawnfang – vFX Script Issue

Content of the article: "My First Mod – CC Dawnfang – vFX Script Issue"

Hello All,

I'm in the process of making my first mod ever in Skyrim. I wanted to make something that simply edits Dawn/Duskfang and Bloodthirst's stats, such that they are actually useful. I was able to do this successfully; the weapon stats and tooltip have changed in-game for me. However, Dawnfang no longer glows when it is charged > 12 kills.

I ran into a freeze the first time I got 12 kills. I checked the papyrus log and found something interesting:


< (00000014)>.Actor.PlaySubGraphAnimation() – "<native>" Line ?

.ccBGSSSE013_WeaponMonitorScript.SwordFXOn() – "ccBGSSSE013_WeaponMonitorScript.psc" Line 30

.ccBGSSSE013_WeaponMonitorScript.OnAnimationEvent() – "ccBGSSSE013_WeaponMonitorScript.psc" Line 19

<08/31/2020 - 01:24:54AM> Error: (00000014): Failed to send event DFLowPower for unspecified reasons.


< (00000014)>.Actor.PlaySubGraphAnimation() – "<native>" Line ?

.ccBGSSSE013_WeaponMonitorScript.SwordBladeFXOn() – "ccBGSSSE013_WeaponMonitorScript.psc" Line 44

.ccBGSSSE013_WeaponMonitorScript.SwordFXOn() – "ccBGSSSE013_WeaponMonitorScript.psc" Line 31

.ccBGSSSE013_WeaponMonitorScript.OnAnimationEvent() – "ccBGSSSE013_WeaponMonitorScript.psc" Line 19

<08/31/2020 - 01:25:06AM> Error: (00000014): Failed to send event StartRed for unspecified reasons.

The log indicates that the WeaponMonitorScript entered into a cycle of repeated alternation between the DFLowPower and StartRed. It seems like the script that activated the weapon's vFX is falling over at a specific point. All appearances of this stack indicate it is falling over at the same line number. I reloaded the save and reached the 12 kill point without a freeze, but Dawnfang's vFX did not appear. I saved, removed my mod, reloaded and the vFX appeared as normal

When making the mod initially, I noticed that the power/charge requirement for the increased magic damage was very high. Dawnfang does not actually use power/charge from soul gems. My hypothesis is that the WeaponMonitorScript requires an input of the default power/charge requirement of the enchant for some reason. In my workplace this would be treated as an instance of hardcoding. On to the point:

I would like very much to examine this script to confirm my hypothesis, but am unable to locate it. Can anyone tell me where it is? I noticed that when I loaded up the Creation Kit it made changes to the scripts in my game installation folder. Then I found this

Version 1.9.35 will delete all the native game script files from your DataScripts folder. If you have modified the scripts, you should back them up before updating. If you've already updated, there's nothing you can do unless you have a backup. The default versions of the scripts are available in the Data folder in a Scripts.rar file. You will need something capable of extracting RAR files, like WinRAR, in order to extract them into your Scripts folder.

I have searched for "WeaponMonitorScript" in this zip, but it is not there. Any advice?



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