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My First Post: A Theory on the Eye of Magnus

Content of the article: "My First Post: A Theory on the Eye of Magnus"

Hello, so I'm new to Reddit but I've been really enjoying it so far. To the point: I'm obsessed with TES & specifically it's absurdly rich lore & mysteries.

I enjoy theorizing & I'd very much like to share a theory I came up with (or I hope so, haven't seen it anywhere else)

About the "Eye of Magnus", I believe the Kamal phrasing of them searching for a 'Divine Receptacle' was very literal, if not slightly mistranslated.

To the point, I've been thinking, especially with ESO suggesting there's more than one object of this sort, that The Eye is akin to the resting place of the Aedra's 'divine spark'. Allow me to elaborate.

I believe it's well enough insinuated in the series that beings like the Aedra, Daedra & even mortals possess a physical vessel or form as well as an energetic component. Like the body/soul, respectively.

The Daedra have the planet-like celestial bodies that double are their domains. Mortals just have fleshy bodies. And I think that the Aedra were likely comparable to the Daedra with planet-like bodies at first but now their physical forms sort of dissolved into the earth & nature of Nirn. ( Which is already stated by most creation myths) However I think that now their energetic components are perhaps housed within these Orb Prisms.

Now I know this might sound silly but I feel like it makes some degree of plausible sense.

If the Aedra, like the Daedra, had bodies that were planets then I'd assume the creation of Nirn would be a lot like when large celestial bodies interact in astronomy. Meteorites entering the atmosphere begin to dissipate & many of their elements become one with the planet they collide with.

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Maybe the process of forming Nirn was very literal in terms of physical mechanics, albeit with massive, sentient planets.

We know that though the Aedrs are weaker than weak they can still exert some level of influence over Mundus.

Their bodies, having been turned to particles that later turned to elements, may be considered "dead" or, in my opinion, 'repurposed' but their minds still exist to some capacity. They must!

The Avatar of Akatosh beating up Mehrunes Dagon. Kyne interacting directly with ancient Nedes. Lorkhan creating Shezaarines.

This all insinuates their mentally still there but just very stifled.

Now I consider the soul of a sentient being to be less their lifeforce & more the energetic version of their consciousness (In Series) which would explain why ghosts are like echoes of their former selves, why the Heroes of Sovngarde are still the specific people they once were, etc.

With this interpretation in mind, then, I think these Orb Prisms may likely contain the Aedric version of a soul/mind.

This could explain the energies held within allowing Chim-esque control over reality. It could also explain how the structures themselves are incomprehensible as I'd assume they were designed by Lorkhan-

(Not Magnus, ironically, because a sort of Divine Soul Prison seems like something Lorkhan would keep secret, especially since Magnus was already a flighty bitch)

-Or at least made by him.

If not a prison for the Aedric minds, perhaps a sort of skull for their now Brain-In-A-Jar existence.

Anyhow, this is my theory on what the Eye of Magnus & it's cousins may be. It's nerve wracking sharing something like this publicly but I'm glad I did.

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I hope I get to read feedback & opinions/critiques. If you read this far, thank you for your time.


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