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My fix to CTD on save bug for SSE and long save/load times in SSE

Content of the article: "My fix to CTD on save bug for SSE and long save/load times in SSE"

I'm just going to post the steps I went through to fix this issue and what worked for me. Hopefully, this will help someone else out.

I've been running this playthrough for about 700+ hours. Saving and loading was taking almost 5 minutes or more, which at first I thought was due to the size of the save. After reaching a certain point, the game started CTDing on save. It didn't matter how far I went back in saves, it would crash after reaching a specific point.

First thing I tried was uninstalling iNeed, as that mod was known to cause issues on save (start save, disable iNeed, make save, uninstall, load save, try saving again). It didn't work.

I then read on a thread that adding a few lines in the Skyrim.ini to increase the allocated memory of the stack could fix the same issue. Specifically, in Skyrim.ini under , I added:



This cut loading time from ~10 minutes to 30 seconds and save times to less than 5 seconds. I was also able to save a few more times before the CTD (and it made it a lot more convenient to test fixes), though it did not fully fix the issue.

I then came across this post made a while back and followed all the instructions except nuking all the scripts:

It worked for a couple more saves before crashing again, though my symptoms were quite similar to those the post mentioned happening in a long playthrough (e.g. SKSE co-save and .tmp file appears before the game crashes). I then determined that it was a save file issue and not a mod conflict issue.

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I then tried doing "player.kill". It did not work (it just reloaded an old save).

I removed all my old saves from the saves folder except the one that I was testing. Saving worked a few more times before CTD.

Finally, inspecting the save file in ReSaver, I noticed that one of my running active scripts, dunJaphetBombAreaScript, had over 160k stack frames. Out of desperation as I wanted to keep my save without nuking all the scripts, I terminated that active script and saved. Miraculously, the save started working again and has since been working for me.

I am still not very experienced with modding and have no clue how Skyrim saves work. If any of the steps I mentioned has a possibility of devastating a save file or causing the game to become unplayable, please mention in the comments, lest I accidentally cause someone to ruin their game. I just posted what I went through as it worked for me, though I don't know whether it will have the same effect on other people's saves.

TL;DR: Terminating the dunJaphetsBombAreaScript in my save that was calling a huge number of stack frames fixed my save while increasing allocated memory of papyrus stack hugely cut save and load times.


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