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My Imperial Crusader Warrior Build

I thought I would share my backstory for my current character im making for a modded Skyrim play through, hope you guys like it or whatever, would like feedback (like if something doesn't fit in with the lore or doesn't make sense or something)

anyway, here it is:

Born in Skingrad, the Crusader grew up in the heartland of the empire. His family had a great military tradition, his father, a soldier in the legion, his father before that, and so on. As a kid, him and his brother were very close. Throughout his childhood his father trained him with sword and shield, preparing him for the day he come of age and join the Legion. His brother was much disliked by his father, Their father wanted them to be model Soldiers and Warriors. However his brother wanted to be a modest Priest, delving into theology and visiting the Chapel often. Their Mother however, took great pride in this, she too was a priestess of the divines and trained his younger brother in theology and the divines. Too say this had no affect on the Crusader was a mistake, he was close to his brother, as young kids they would play together and explore the streets of Skingrad, going to the Local market for sweetrolls when they could. His brothers praise of the divines, and his mothers teachings to his younger brother strengthened his faith. He would listen in on his mother's teachings after a day of sword practice with his father. He was so devout in the divines because of this, he was willing to die for them. But a priest life was not the life he wanted, he was a natural warrior. quickly learning and mastering the sword and shield. He would listen to his father tell stories of his time in the Great War. A combination of both of these influences in his childhood, made him loyal to the empire, and devout in his worship. He was not content with just joining the legion here in Cyrodiil. He decided to start off small. He was employed as guard in Skingrad. He would patrol the city during the day, in the Afternoon he would rest in the barracks and read the stories of great heroes, the stories Saint Alessia, Rislav the Righteous, of Tiber Septim, Reman, and Pelinal Whitestrake. Tiber Septim and Pelinal Whitestrake being his favorite. He would learn alot from being a guard, his innocents was lost with the realization of the drugs and crime, beit thievery or murder, that occurred within the city and seeing it with his own eyes. But he was disciplined, his life as a training Soldier had made him this way and the training for Guardship was just a formality to him. He built connections, becoming great friends with the Captain of the guard and even becoming acquainted with some of the local administrators in service of the count. He became a renowned and model Imperial. But soon life became complacent. He didn't want to just join the Legion, he needed some more adventure. saddened but the weakened state of the Empire, and the ban on the worship of Tiber Septim, a man whom he looked up to, and was greatly inspired by. He wanted to help the legion in any way he could. And upon hearing of the turmoil that skyrim had been enveloped in, he knew it was his destiny to go there. To help the Empire from the stormcloak rebels, to fight for the divines. He was smart, he had an extreme hatred and dislike for the Thalmor, and he knew the Empire needed to be strong to fight off the elven menace once more. By the glory of the Gods, and the Empire, both of whom he swore his undying loyalty and devotion to, he will vanquish the evil that plagues Skyrim, and bring it under the full grasp of the Empire and prepare for another war with the Thalmor menace.

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