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My list of things I think the Elder Scrolls 6 should have

Content of the article: "My list of things I think the Elder Scrolls 6 should have"

Obviously not everything on this list will be included, but here are the things I think TES6 should have

  1. Thrusting: To do it, you would quickly tap the interact button, then the attack button.

  2. Customizable weapons and apparel, but they shouldn't look like unique items.

  3. More animations to make the characters look more like living people.

  4. Spears: They can either be used as one-handed weapons if we want to use a shield or as two handed weapons to make more damage.

  5. Throwing axes and knives

  6. Climbing: Instead of jumping around to get to higher parts of mountains or travel through more tedious paths, there should be some climbing. If Breath of the Wild can have some climbing, then so should TES6. What would be fun for sneaky type of players would be climbing on buildings to break in. The game should at least have grappling hooks.

  7. Multiple followers: To make this more fair, each should have less amount of weight they can carry.

  8. Things to do after finishing most of the regular quests, like repeatable quests such as bounty hunting, gladiator fighting, mage dueling, playing with your pet, like a cat or a dog, play tavern games which can include gambling, finding and rescuing kidnapped npcs, sparring with someone, etc.

  9. Better housing than Skyrim's: I know this maybe too much, but it would be great to build your own house or campsite at almost anywhere, but if it's too much, then there should at least be home decorating like in ESO.

  10. More situations happening often to make combat more fun, like trying to avoid an enemy's shield charge, finding a way to get back on your horse if you get knocked off, another type of enemy or enemies showing up, trying to break your legs free from a freezing spell, etc.

  11. Training: Spending time hitting a training dummy with melee weapons or spells should help you gain XP faster when you're fighting real enemies, but there is a time limit for how long you can use it, which would be the game's 4 hours. Sleeping to get the "rested" effect should be enough for you to use the dummy again. The same thing can happen if you hit targets with your bow and arrows and you can also spar with someone using wooden swords, but there will be a time limit so the npc can rest. Training should also give you bonus effects for real battles.

  12. More defense options, which would be dodging and parrying to make melee combat more fun. How could you parry? It would be tricky, but worth it, because after you parry, you can do a couple of quicker attacks, and it wouldn't cost stamina, unlike blocking and dodging. You could block, then instantly press the attack as soon as you let go of the blocking button to parry. The reason why it would be a bit trickier is because you would need to do it as soon as you're about get hit, especially by enemies with one-handed weapons. Also we should be able to block while dual wielding weapons. To dodge, you would tap the stamina button then quickly push the analog stick or tap the key to whatever direction to dodge to by making a couple of steps away, tap the stamina button twice while moving to whatever direction to dodge to by making a short leap, or just quickly push the analog stick or tap the key twice to whatever direction to dodge by making a long roll away.

  13. More horses involved! It would be pretty awesome to craft armor for your horse. Also, followers should have horses so the future main character doesn't look like he or she has to wait for the them to catch up. I know players can just fast travel, but the way Lydia would have to run to catch up to the dragonborn in a far distance while he or she is riding the much faster horse looks really stupid. You'd think rich professional warriors like the Companions would have some horses, but not a even one of them owns one. Even enemies should have horses. Fighting them while they're on their horses would make melee combat more fun. Also, there should be other types of mounts depending on which province the game will take place. For an example, horses are common in Cyrodiil, but the player should rarely find other types of mounts like mountable bears or mountable wolves. If we could get a different type of mount, that would also be awesome.

  14. Reputation system: If you commit a crime while wearing the same gear and someone detects you, guards would attempt to arrest you, unless you wear a disguise, but if the witness sees you committing a crime without something to cover your face, you'd have to go in cities wearing something to cover it. If you're spotted wearing Dark Brotherhood armor, guards should attack you, or if you're wearing guard armor, Dark Brotherhood assassins should attack you. If you do heroic things, people will greatly love and respect you with lowered prices for things you buy, gifts, songs, etc., but if you do evil things, people will be horrified, do everything they can to avoid you, guards will be watching you, and some will throw things at you and insult if they think you're a lesser threat to them. It would be possible to redeem yourself, but if you do something evil again, there will be no more chances. Instead of the entire village attacking you for killing a chicken, what should only happen would be the owner getting annoyed and damanding payment, but if you don't pay up, he or she will come back with guards involved, but they won't get violent unless you force them to. If you attempt to kill everyone in a city, the guards will only just try to kill you, no choices between paying the fine or getting imprisoned, just sentence to death. Also, guards shouldn't say something stupid, like if I'm wearing a full set of steel armor and carrying a greatsword, the dumbest thing a guard could say would be "Hands to yourself, sneak thief!"

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That's pretty much it. What do you guys think?


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