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My own theory for a final ES game

So the dwemer disappeared in the first era in the year 700 in the battle for red mountain. The reason why they were hung attacked was because they were trying to build themselves a god. In the end during a battle the dwemer king (don’t remember his name) activates the main mechanism for it and all the dwemer besides one ended up just disappearing.

They either achieved godhood or they were sent to a different dimension by the gods

TES6 would take place sometime after the last Dragonborn died (anywhere from 100 to 200 years). The game would open up in the eyes of the character of course I just havnt really figured out how it’s introduced. Some of the first missions would be about checking out large amounts of magic being dispersed in areas of Tamriel, so after researching them you would discover that the aedra and Daedra and preparing for a war with some minor conflicts already arising

What would follow is Tamriel descending into chaos around the player, the empire would be divided on who to side with seeing as dunmer worship Daedric lords along with orcs. This is around where the player could decide to choose a side in the upcoming war between the divinities and Daedra.

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About halfway through the main quest line you would investigate a dwemer ruin that had a very large magical surge in it. Upon entering you are met with a large group of dwemer with many more coming out of a portal alongside the wall. With all the gods busy with war preparations the dwemer found a way out of the dimension the gods sent them in during the first era.

So now the dwemer come back to not only find that Tamriel hasn’t changed almost at all in the 4000 years they’ve been gone for, but also the fact that their homes have been ransacked, destroyed, and absolutely infested with their old slaves (mainly in Skyrim) and are demanding that at least some leading powers helps in the restoration of their homes seeing as excavations have taking most of their belongings

Towards the end of the game the gods are finally ready for war, coming down to battle on Tamriel to have sway over their followers. While it would be an option to try to make peace between the divines it would be very hard (but the best and cannon ending for me at least) a series of battles would be fought across Tamriel killing many people in the process. Depending on who you chose to side with would affect how the after game content was. If you sided with aedra there would be a considerably less amount of dwemer, orcs, other Daedric worshipping races along with the creatures they made (vampires and ware wolves) if you side with Daedra then there would be more vampires and werewolves with a lot less of the aedra species (essentially most of tamriels population would be wiped out this way) with life being really shitty for the aedra who survived with it basically being the oblivion crisis but successful.

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The reason why I wanted to bring the dwemer into this was because in my canon ending both sides would of course make peace. With the dwemer being back it would solve a lot of standing mysteries in Tamriel to help end the game series. The dwemer would also serve the purpose of having Tamriel move forward technologically seeing as it has been at a standstill for literally 4000 years since the dwemer disappeared.

I just want to make a story that closes up most of the loose ends of the game and has a satisfying end to it all for the series to finish before Bethesda runs it into the ground


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