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My patience is running dangerously low.

Content of the article: "My patience is running dangerously low."

Please don't take offense or anything but I just needed to vent.

PvP is disastrous. I don't mean the balance. I think the balance is pretty damn good and any class can whoop ass. However, the lag is abysmal.

I have been playing this game since February and the performance has always felt pretty rocky. Occasional input lag in PvE and PvP. But these last three days or so have been the absolute worse. Today alone, I have disconnected eleven times (a couple of months ago I would disconnect 1-3 times a day). I had to restart the same Murkmire mission three times because I kept disconnecting.

The input lag in open world is offensively bad and it takes literal seconds for my attacks to register and literally every 30 minutes my character will not register anything. The sprinting won't work but it shows that stamina is going down, I can't use any abilities, and I can't crouch. My frustration with this grows 10 fold when it happens in PvP.

Loading times are substantially longer than what they once were too.

I think it is highly unlikely that it is my internet connection since it has been stable for several weeks with the last outage happening a while ago. I also actively check on my phone to make sure the internet speed is where I want it to be. The traffic has actually gotten better since less people at home are using the internet. Also, every time I disconnect, I test the internet and it remains largely consistent.

Just now, I disconnected in the middle of a PvP match (2nd time in an hour) and couldn't even log back in because "the account is already logged in." What the fuck is this?! I'm trying to be empathetic especially given everything that's going on in the world but this server performance is absolutely absurd.

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Mind you, I have only done some short dungeons, did quests in Deshann and Murkmire, and battlegrounds. I couldn't even imagine what this performance is like in any expansion zone or capital city. I expect Cyrodiil's performance to be in even more shockingly poor condition. I don't even want to think about running a trial.

Suffice it to say that I will not purchase Greymoor or renew my subscription until the performance gets better. This is the only time in the last four months that I have been tempted to head back to GW2.

Btw, I'm PS4 North America if that's worth noting.


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