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My Skyrim is freaking out and I do not know why (repost)

Content of the article: "My Skyrim is freaking out and I do not know why (repost)"

I have been trying to fix my skyrim for months but now I don't have any other solution I can think of. It started when my modded skyrim started to act up, having the NPCS not fully collide with the ground or just straight up start flying. I tried fixing this by fixing the load order and collisions, this did not work, then I tried not using vortex and getting rid of SKSE/non bethesda website mods, and trying to only use bethesda mod loader mods after resetting the game, but that did not work either. I also tried to disable the mods and see if it would work vanilla, and then when I did that it got even worse and the vanilla intro started to go crazy as well. Along with that attempted, I tried to clean all the files and reset/uninstall MULTIPLE times, but that did not work either. Please help me, I literally do not know what to do. Also, I have a 60hz monitor and most people have said that the 60hz fix usually helps but that does not apply to me. Also, NO this is not on all the same save, every time I have cleaned out skyrim (or to the best of my abilities) I have tried testing it on a new save, which from the very opening scene starts freaking out. In my previous post some people also tried to tell me to mess with the refresh rate, which that has been determined to not be the problem. I've been instructed to mess with the GPU settings on my Nvidia control panel, but that has not worked either. Also I neglected to mention that I have an almost new Razer Laptop, so I did not build this pc myself. I have all of the files and the non-existent mod list that has been disabled ages ago because I wanted to fix this issue (the bethesda one, not the NMM one I used to have) here in this link:

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Thanks again for your help! Hopefully this can be solved because I really want to go back to playing and modding skyrim again (at least using the Bethesda mods at the very least). Hopefully I can make my progress back after losing the last post.


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