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My Theory on Elder Scrolls 6

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For about 2 days I’ve been thinking a lot about the outcome of Skyrim, and how will effect ES6 and other games moving forward, which is an important aspect a lot of people seem to ignore when talking about the setting of ES6.

And here’s my hair brained theory on what might truly transpire.

To put it bluntly, I think a Dragon Break occurs when the Dragonborn defeats Alduin so that the Dragonborn can actually have Stormcloaks and Imperials call it a tie on the war, based on their mutual hate for the Thalmor.

This means that the Stormcloaks, And Imperials launch an all out attack on the Aldmeri Dominion and take the fight to the Summerset Isles. Additionally with the help of the Dragonborn and his Blades (We will be assuming that the Dragonborn is a Nord Male since it fits the description of the character on the box art and it makes him look like a Reincarnation of Talos)

This would lead us into the next game which I optimistically believe takes place in the Summerset Isles where you probably are a slave or Prisoner of War at the time of either Imperial or Nordic heritage. While I believe the War will have a large presence with possibly the option to join either side, I doubt it will be the main story focus since each Elder Scrolls main character tends to kill at least one Godlike being canonically.

However I think a bigger part of the story will revolve around another Akivari invasion, meaning we’ll potentially be seeing Akivari, Elves, Nords, Imperials, and the Dragonborn all on the same battlefield.

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I think a good reason behind Bethesda finally showing their cards in terms of popping the lid on Akavir is because I think they know they are running out of intrigue in terms of how to make the Mysterious Eastern Land seem even more Mysterious and Eastern. And it’s been heavily foreshadowed that they will return once a Great War happens. Which again, leaves Bethesda in a hard situation to keep withholding Akavir’s ingame presence without annoying fans.


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