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My thoughts on Serana Dialogue Add On and I’d like to hear others thoughts as well.

This is my first post here, so if I did something wrong posting this please let me know.

Consider this whole post a Spoiler for Skyrim, Dawnguard and Serana Dialogue Add on.

This isn’t a rant, but I do want to give some hopefully fair criticism. I’m separating this into specific sections for ease of readability. Also I’m not listing every specific instance where I have a problem on a given topic because I don’t want to sound too negative. So I’ll give one notable example, explain my basic problem with it and then move on.

Conversation Issues:

First Example: At some point after the main story has started, you can ask her opinion on you being the Dragonborn. During the conversation, she’ll ask you to watch where you’re shouting. Your only possible response is (paraphrasing) to jokingly say “You’ll be careful not to hit her” and her response is angrily saying “Are you even taking this seriously?!” followed by “I also wouldn’t like to drain you to a pulp”.

For me, Serana getting mad here makes no sense, how did she miss that you were joking and then explode. It feels weird for her to snap at you over this and it kinda made annoyed with her for missing something so obvious.

Second example: This conversation happens after Delphine has stolen the horn. So, Serana complains about Delphine sneaking into the barrow, stealing the horn and making us fight through the dungeon for nothing. Your only response is, “I think we should try to stay positive here”.

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My problem here is I’m given no ability to I agree with her on this and instead I’ve got to tell her to basically calm down. I understand it would take a lot of work to always give the player a dialogue choice. However if we’re going to respond to Serana, I feel we should have a choice to agree with her or not. Maybe instead of having the player respond to her Serana just rants about Delphine out loud; this requires no input from the player.

Although I’ll normally just move on the my next point, there may be a solution in this case. So, Inigo in many cases will just state his opinion out loud without pulling the player into a conversation; this allows the player to respond out loud without really entering a conversation with Inigo and the author never needed to create any responses. In this case, both Inigo and the player never entered a “technical” conversation, but it still feels as though they just talked to Inigo. Doing this may help the author add dialogue without making several conversations.

Serana’s Confidence:

Now in the base game Serana is fairly self sufficient, but throughout this mod she starts to feel like she can’t live without you. For example there are a few times where Serana tells the player that you’re her only reason for living, that feels really out of character for Serana to me.

In the vanilla game after Harkon is finished and you ask her what her plans are she’ll say (paraphrasing) that she’ll probably stay with the Dawnguard, but that she’d like to come with you. I never got the impression that she needed the player to that extent. I understand the author needs to take some liberties, but this feels a little too far for Serana (imho).

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Second Example: This takes place during the romance, after the player and Serana leave the Soul Cairn. Serana asks the player if they like her, but she not at all direct. Making it hard to tell how seriously this will effect the players relationship with her.

You have two options here: “I think you know how I feel (Proceed With Romance)” or "Oh, sorry I’d rather just be friends (End Romance)". If you choose to continue the romance. She then kisses the player and goes through some dialogue, but you're never given any other choices beyond clicking through the dialogue after that point.

After this point she starts acting like she and the player were in a full relationship calling the player her boyfriend, sweetheart, honey, my love, etc.

Firstly, it wasn’t really clear that the player is entering a relationship with Serana at that point. I don't think that from a single vague response the player should be thrown all the way into a full relationship with Serana.

Second your only options are to Continue or End the romance, so it never felt like you had a flexible choice. Either enter a full relationship with Serana from a single yes or no question or not.

Third Serana feels very possessive of the player by jumping from one kiss to then calling you all these affectionate names reserved for full couples.

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Ok, this is getting long so I’ll wrap up even though I could go on for a bit. Basically Serana feels off at times, either she’s too attached to the player or we don’t get enough of an input to feel like it’s a real conversation.

Also I’m not trying to offend the author or anything like that.

I don't want to discourage anyone from trying this mod it's overall pretty good. These are just some of my thoughts on it. I'm still playing with it and will continue to as it continues development.

So what do you guys think about Serana Dialogue Add on. Do you agree with me or not?


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