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My thoughts on the new CP system

So the new CP system will go live in a few weeks. I've been reading the PTS forums a lot to see how people are reacting, and I've spent a little time on the PTS as well.

There is a drop in DPS for those at 810 right now, and even at max CP it likely won't be where it was. That was one of the goals they said they wanted to achieve. They said they wanted to narrow the gap between new players and max CP players. I think this has been more or less achieved.

Since this is a big change to how players build their characters, it had to be made independently of other changes. The armor changes and bug fixes coming along with this are very minor in comparison. Over the next months, they will be able to see how it is affecting playstyles, and may make adjustments as necessary. The PTS disproportionately represents the more advanced and elite players over casual players, so it needs more evaluation on live servers to really see the true effects.

One of the big complaints is that people are saying that some content is not doable now, although I think it is too early to tell for sure. My prediction is that after the CP changes have been live for a while, they will likely rebalance content such as Trials and Vet dungeons to be in line with the changes. It would not have been a good idea to do it at the same time because it would have made it impossible to see the true effect of the new CP system.

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A lot of people are saying that the XP they earned is being devalued. Well, the XP they earned and CP levels to go with it were never guaranteed to be worth anything. Also a person at 1500CP on live has no advantage over an 810 on live, but under the new CP system they will. We are actually lucky they allowed us to continue earning CP, and aren't all being reset to 810. The vast majority of players are between 500-1000cp anyway.

The new constellations are very interesting, and choices will have to be made depending on what you want to do. Overall the system is going to be good for the health of the in game community, and hopefully make it easier for people to experience content which many people have artificially locked people out of due to lower CP or dps requirements made by players. I'm not saying those things don't have an effect, but now it is much less.


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