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Need Help I’m somewhat new and have a huge problem

So i Have actually Two Problems one is i literally can't turn into a Vampire. Second is my game crashes pretty frequently. Whenever i use Alternate Start or a potion to turn into a vamp it gives me the Animation and says ure a vamp now but I still have normal eyes and don't have vampiric drain it's annoying anyways hope u can help me and maybe make it so that i don't hv a 20% chance that my game crashes whenever i enter a city. Also sorry English isn't my first language but I hope u could understand me and it wasn't to hard to read lol. thank you for the help <3

Load Order:



A29's Increased Skyrim Perfomance

2021 Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul

Kameleon Armor


Magical College of Winterhold

Enhanced Blood Textures

True Storms

Vivid Weathers Definitive Edition

Dense Grass

Lush Overhaul

Enhanced Night Skyrim

Skyland – Landscapes AIO

Skyland – Architecture AIO

Skyland – Whiterun Cobblestones

Castle Volkihar (by Clearance Clarence)

Lampposts of Skyrim

Point The Way

Unique Vampire Dens by Gonkish

Realistic Water Two

Surreal Lighting

Discovered Map Marker

A Quality World Map Vivid with Stone Roads

A Quality World Map – Clear Map

KS Hairdos Lite

Superior Lore Friendly hair


Redesigned Males

Natural Eyes

A29's Epic hair colors

Beards (by hvergelmer)

Bijin All in One by rxkx22

The Kids Are Alright Renewal



Dualsun Animation Replacer (One Handed)

Font Replacer – Eadui

Fast Beast Perks

Where Darkness Dwells: Shadow kingdom

Crafter's Storage

Instant Mastery

Player Carry Weight increased

Unlimited Shouts

Unlimited Sprinting

Easy Lockpicking

Craftable Unarmored and Armored Vampire Gear

Craftable Everything Special Edition

Craftable Everything Dawnguard

Craftable Everything DragonBall

Craftable Nightingale Set

True HD Nightingale 2.0

TDN Vampire Armor Retexture-Extras

The Vicious heart – Deadric Weapon Set

Lore-Based Loading Screens

Immersive Patrols (No Large Battles)

Extended Encounters


Vampire Knights

Phenderix The Archmage Artifacts

Wear Multiple Rings

Pan Paka Pan Level up Sound Replacer

Undress for bed

Rich Merchants of Skyrim



Immersive citizens AI Overhaul

Serana Dialogue Add on

Serana Dialogue Add on RDO Patch


50 pct More Perk Points



Apocalypse Ordinator Compatibility Patch

Ancient Blood Mage by Lertkrush

Mofumofu372 Combat Animations

Vampire Facial Reclamation

Serana No Hood Compatibility

Fangs & Eyes: Serana

Fangs & Eyes: A Vampire Appearance

Vanargand Animations: Male and Female idle Walk & Run

Immersive Speechcraft (will probably remove)

Color patches remover

Lakeview AvantGarden EX (will probably remove)

Hearthfire Cellar Extension

Free Player home Hearthfire Building


Change Player Appearance By Arindel

No Sun Damage For Vampires (By henoBoy

XP32 Maximum Skeleton + Realistic Ragdolls

Alternate Start

Realistic conversations (also feel like it doesn't work properly they don't talk most of the times)


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