The Elder Scrolls

Need help with LO crashing issue

So iv had problems with my game randomly crashing when entering building or fast travelling so I used tarshgaming LO template but it hasn't seemed to help so here is my LO I play on xbox I have found that divine cities was making my game crash wen entering undertone keep in Markarth but no where else that was my first game crash after my new LO I went though and found it was that one mod but now I will just randomly crash went entering building I have to safe it just before entering any building if it does crash I load it and try again an it works if anyone had any ideas it will be very appreciated I'm new to LO and mods so I don't really know much only what I have read or watched open to anything that could help.

1.Unofficial skyrim special edition 2. Dragon attake main menu replacer 3.less tedious thieves guild 4.the paarthurnax dilemma 5.stones of barenziah quest markers 6.gemstone recovery 7.dragonplate dreadnought armor 8.aetherium armor and weapons 9.draconic armor 10.ebony archmage armor 11.crom 12.diamond smiting complete 13.construct the black star 14.vampire knights 15.cloaks and capes 16.all armor lootable and wearable 17.legendary skills 18.vampire lord perks 19.50 pct more perk point 20.shout perka 150% lover Stone 22.summermyst enchantments of summermyst 23.better creature loot 24 cloaks of skyrim 25.armor to the cities 26.scoped bows SE 27.left hand rings 28.lore friendly levels-full 29.wood yaw weight 30.weightless dragons bones and scales 31.lighter tools 32.sounds of skyrim civilization 33.realistic conversations 34.bells of skyrim 35.true storms special edition 36.enhached night skyrim 37.dark ages texture overhaul 38.dake ages SMIM addon 39.dark ages landscapes 40.dark ages grey mountains 41.dark ages mountains 42. Dark ages trees of the North 43.dark ages snow 44.dark ages sky haven temple and aduins wall 45.glowing blue eyes 46.adorable females 47.enhanced lights and FX exterior 48.divine interiors shadows and light 49.amulets of skyrim SSE 50.better solitude throne room 51.magical collage of winterhold Palace overhaul 53.thrones of skyrim SE 54.lampposts of skyrim special edition 55.solstheim reborn 56.silverstrad a buildable dwemer estate 57.windstad mine 58.castle volkihar redux a player home 59.better tel mithryn 60.simple raven Rock expansion 61.hex fiend armory 62.chaos fiend armory 63.konahirks accoutrements 64.dovahkins vault 65.divine forests 65.divine cities premier city overhaul 66.unique bridge's of skyrim 67.more inns 68.miraak fight glitch workaround l 69.anicent Falmer crown 70.aetherium forge chest 71.fort dawnguard cobweb removal 72.dwarven power armor hammer & shield 73.oblivion artifact pack 74.guild items and daedric artifacts cheat chest 75.armor of corruption 76.gryphon elven armor 77.the notice board 78.gargoylus armor 79.summonable ethereal chest 80.better thieves guild armour 81.shiny golden miraak retexture 82.beautiful gold overhaul 83.the wild hunt 84.boss encounters of skyrim 85.monsters reborn special edition 86.deadly bosses of skyrim 87.warlock of varemina 88.knight of the crow 89.necromancer Lord armor 90.4thunknowns AiO 91.mihail monsters and animals dwarven colossus 92.knight of molog bal 93.legendary creatures 94.dragom priest staffs 95.realistic water two 96 realistic impacts 97.the gemstone collector mystic legacy v2.0 98.color patches remover merchants of skyrim 100.a quality world map classic with all roads 101.a quality world map clear map skies falling damage

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