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Need help with modded Skyrim

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Hello –

For the past 4 days, I've been trying to get my copy of Skyrim running stable with a little over 100 mods. I've now had 4 or 5 total different game/mod installation attempts. I've tried using both NMM and MO. I'm currently sticking with MO. I managed to get my game running sort of stable during my first mod installation, but I was experiencing bugs and performance issues, so I was forced to start over from scratch. I'm just trying to get my game running stable, so I would like to hear other's advice on how to get my game running properly. I feel like I'm doing something completely wrong, but I literally don't know what.

Here's what I've tried so far to get my game running stable:

– Using both Nexus Mod Manager & Mod Organizer

– I've researched potential mod conflicts, and I've tried my best to thoroughly read each and every mod page for compatibility information

– I've used LOOT in every single mod installation attempt thus far

– I've used Tes5edit's "quick clean" function in mostly every mod installation attempt, however, I didn't use it in my most recent attempt. This is because when launching Tes5edit through Mod Organizer, the program doesn't put the dlc .esm files back to where they should be after cleaning. I tried creating new folders in "Mod Organizer/mods" already, but once I enable the .esm files, they don't get placed properly in the load order

– I've tried using Mator Smash to make bashed patches in my last two mod installation attempts

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Here are some bugs/problems that I've noticed so far:

– For Mod Organizer, the mods don't get loaded unless I run modorganizer.exe as administrator

– Lower than expected fps and frequent framerate drops (dips down to the 40's and even 30's sometimes)

– Breast & butt physics spasming out, no matter what clothing female npcs wear

– AI pathfinding glitching out occasionally (I recently saw an ai try to walk down some stairs and go through a door, she sort of teleported down the stairs and spun around in circles for a few seconds before finally going through the door)

– Odd enemy spawn locations (I'm using alternate start, and after waking up, there's always a gang of wolves or other enemies that immediately attack me as soon as I spawn)

– Grey head face bug (during sexlab animations, female npcs have the grey head face bug)

– There has been one unexplained CTD so far as well

There are more bugs than that which I've encountered, but I don't remember them at the moment.

Here's my computer specifications:

Windows 10 64-bit

Ryzen 2600

1070 TI

2 TB HDD (which Skyrim is installed on)

16 gigs of 2400 mhz ram

Here's my mod list, load order, and plugins:

Mod list

Load order


Edit: I didn't name some of the mods properly when I was installing them through MO, I apologize for that. Here's what some of them actually are:

Reddit won't let me link the mod urls for some reason, so I apologize for that as well.

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– SKSE data: A mod i created by right-clicking the overwrite folder in MO, it had an skse plugins folder inside.

– FNIS Output: A mod i created using the same method in MO, had FNIS files inside.

– "+version": "Vanilla Armour and Clothing conversions with HDT", on Nexus

– "Luxury": "Luxury Collection for CBBE HDT Bodyslide", on Loverslab

– "Heels": "Heels sound", on Loverslab

– "Improved": "Improved Closefaced Helmets", on Nexus

– "Bounce Vagina Mesh", "HDT Havok", "Bounce TBBP", and "Bounce XML Kit": "HDT Bounce and Jiggles CBBE Edition", on Nexus

– "Everything you need": "Inuyasha Weapons – Revamp", on Nexus (yes I'm a huge weeb)

– "Beyond": "Beyond Skyrim – Bruma", on Nexus

– "3Dnpc": "Interesting Npcs", on Nexus

– "Simply": "Simply Knock", on Nexus

– "Flora": "Flora Respawn Fix", on Nexus

– "+INI settings": "SKSE ini pre-download for lazy users", on Nexus

I would greatly appreciate any and all help that I could get. If more information is required, I am more than willing to provide it.


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