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Need help with my regular PS4 Skyrim Special Edition mod load order. Please and thanks!

Content of the article: "Need help with my regular PS4 Skyrim Special Edition mod load order. Please and thanks!"

I've been trying to move and tweak things around for the past three days. I've watched loads of videos and it still keeps crashing after roughly 10min into the load. I'd really appreciate any and all help to get my game running. I primarily want to focus on graphical, textural, lighting, city/home upgrades. The followers, movement changes, etc. are secondary.

Here are my mods listed in the order I last had them:

  • alidonsarmory.esm (it will not let me change its load order)
  • Phenderix magic reloaded 1 (it will not let me change its load order)
  • Phenderix magic reloaded 2
  • Word wall relocated – merged
  • Insignificant object remover
  • ia92 underwater visibility fix
  • Watercolor.esp
  • _iorilongerdays.esp
  • se_haste.esp
  • Mascombinedtgcandbridgemods.esp
  • Fallentreebridges.eap
  • Fos – forests of skyrim.esp
  • Skyrim in color.esp
  • ia92's no bloom.esp
  • mod_julihah_landscape_overhaul
  • Rainsnowfx.esp
  • Obsidian weathers – ps4.esp
  • Lamposts of skyrim.esp
  • Distant detail.esp
  • The great cities ps4 all in one
  • the great city of solitude.esp
  • Aa we are Legion.esp
  • Chesko_lorebasedloadingscreen
  • Fastalternatestart.esp
  • Vetter dressed npcs.esp
  • ia92's face preset.esp
  • Skyrim colors.esp
  • Water.esp
  • tlssexypowerwalk.esp
  • Immersive movement.esp
  • Better vanilla perks.esp
  • Marry almost anyone.esp
  • Aasnowelfraceandeyeplus.esp
  • Mod_julihah_fancyhorns_ep01_cl
  • Skyrim hair colors.esp
  • Race-rename menu anytime.esp
  • Rings2hands.esp
  • Ys spell tweaks.esp
  • immersive citizens – Ai overhaul
  • Se_completearcheryoverhaul.esp
  • Better loot.esp
  • Rich merchants of skyrim.esp
  • Ps4_rebirthofthefollowers.esp
  • Newfollowertalion.esp
  • Akaviri ruins of savirien-chor…
  • Soectraldragonfollower.esp
  • Newbladesfollowerpack.esp
  • Mishaxhi's cleaver.esp
  • Aesakaviriunderblade.esp
  • Katana pack.esp
  • Eldergleamhouse.esp
  • Ph1.esp
  • Skaal village.esp
  • Valleyofpeaceps4.esp
  • Weightless dragon bones and scales
  • Princess river wood cottage.esp
  • various dragons.esp
  • Whitewind player home.esp
  • Ressurect.esp
  • Nh.esp
  • Nightingalearcher.esp
  • Morebanditcamps(sse-edition).esp
  • Barmog og-lei's emporium.esp
  • 1corrupteddragon.esp
  • fsarmors.esp
  • Ironcladcompany.esp
  • Kneeseeker.esp
  • Newmistresshermamorafollower.esp
  • Ring if mass necromancy.esp
  • Enhanced bound weapons -ps4.esp
  • New female guards.esp
  • Thordmercs.esp
  • Spa.esp
  • Bearpeak.esp
  • Heliomancy.esp
  • ia92's skin and warpaint overhaul
  • Epic race customization.esp
  • Mod_julihah_customization_001
  • Faster_daggers.esp
  • Aaweir_weightlessgems.esp
  • Aabetter arch age robes for up…
  • Request mrzlo.esp
  • Aadarkbrotherhoodset.esp
  • Aakillarrows.esp
  • ia92's ranger set.esp
  • Hermashouts.esp
  • Weightless potions.esp
  • Weir_weightlessingredient.esp
  • ia92's – magic arrows.esp
  • Newnocturnalfollower.esp
  • Daedrichbeauties.esp
  • Gardenofedyn.esp
  • Barenziahquestmarkers.esp
  • Realistic-voice.esp
  • Big_more_kill_moves_and_decapitations…
  • Get_merchant_cheats_sp0ckrates
  • Blood and gore.esp
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