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Need opinion about my new mod’s release method

Content of the article: "Need opinion about my new mod’s release method"


After porting "Witchery Skill" and "Skyrim Witcher Experience Enhanced" to SE, I'm currently working on my own Witcher-related mod. In fact I've been working on it for almost 4 months now. It adds a lot of stuff but it's far from being finished. One thing that I want to add are some questlines. I already have the sketch of the main one, but I didn't start to build it.

I'll leave some ibformation of what the mod adds below (all of them are independant of the future questlines). My question is: do you guys think I should release a Beta version of the mod without the questlines or wait until everything is ready, even if it takes a few months?

What the mod currently adds:

  • The five Witcher Signs (Aard, Axii, Igni, Quen and Yrden), with three levels (Basic, Enhanced and Superior) and two modes (Regular and Alternate – that have different effects and that you can change double tapping a hotkey defined in a MCM). The signs have custom hand casting art, FX Shader, Light, etc. They are not attached to any Magic School (with exception of Sign Igni Alternate), and cost Stamina instead of Magicka to cast. -Witcher 3 Swords – Feline, Griffin, Ursine, Wolven and Viper Steel and Silver swords (basic, enhanced, superior and mastercrafted) plus Aerondight and the steel and silver swords that you start the game with. -A new wordspace (the size of the dawnguard) with a witcher fortress (empty for now) without any loading screen. To get to the fortress you need to go thorugh a small swamp. Before the release I'll add the option to restore the fortress. (It will have a bigger importance during one of the questlines). -A new standalone skill tree, that you can acess in one of the walls of the fortress, from where you can choose the 33 perks. (You gain witcher experience using witcher weapons, signs and potions and trade the witcher skill points you earn for the perks). There are 11 blue perks (signs), 11 green perks (alchemy and witcher abilities) and 11 red perks (combat): -Alternate Signs: you can now use the alternate version of signs The first blue perk unlocks the use of the alternate sign effects. The other 10 are the "enhanced" and "superior" versions of each sign. The first green unlocks witcher potions, which you can craft with a mortar (craftable at a smelter) that you can carry in your inventory. Other notable green perks are the "meditation" (you meditate (duuhhh) to clean toxicity and in higher ranks, to recover used witcher potions), witcher senses (a toggle power that makes you walk slowly but reveals enemies nearby that glows with the color of the witcher oil that affects them and also makes the 5 nearest plants glow), witcher resistances (make you more resistant to poison and diseases), etc. The mod also adds a toxicity system. Toxicity has 4 levels. On level 1 it does nothing. From level 2, it will start to damage your health. On level 4, it blocks all potions effects that you drink. It decays over time. Witcher Potions always increase toxicity. Vanilla Potions's toxicity can be toggled on/off on the MCM. The first red perk unlocks adrenaline. You gain 1 adrenaline point when you hit an oponent with a sword or greatsword and lose 2 when you are hit. The more points you have, the more damage you deal. And adrenaline points are also required for some perks, like spending them to recover your health when you reach a critical state, or increasing your chance of instant killing an enemy. There's also a perk that let's you add "runes to you steel weapons. Rune's effect work when you make a critical hit (which means you can have a rune AND a enchantment at the same time). -Witcher potions: the mod adds 12 potions from witcher 3: black blood, blizzard, cat, full moon, golden oriole, killer whale, maribor forest, petris philter, swallow, tawny owl, thunderbolt and white honey, with the same effects of the witcher game. (Basic and enhanced versions) -Witcher monsters (alghoul, ghoul, nekker, wraith, drowner, griffin) I have to admit that the monsters are not of the quality that I wished for them. Everything this mods adds was ported/adjusted/created by me, and I'm not that skilled with rogging skeletons. The monsters have custom sounds. -Dozens of new ingredients that are found as loot from the monsters and that are used to craft the potions and weapons. -There are more things, but these are the core for now.
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