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Need to get indoors to progress quests but they’re broken?

Content of the article: "Need to get indoors to progress quests but they’re broken?"

Just returned from Bleak Falls Barrow and to Riverwood. I start the Blacksmith tutorial quest with Alvor and I craft an iron dagger and improve it. Then he asks me to craft leather by tanning wolf pelt. I do so, but the quest doesn't update. Instead, I need to go into an interior location like Alvor's House or the Riverwood Trader or the Sleeping Giant Inn. When I do, the quest updates and tells me to bring the leather to Alvor. When I speak with him, there is no dialogue option to give him the leather I crafted. I check my journal and turn on the Misc Quests markers and it points to him and the quest clearly states to bring the leather back to him. But again, I cannot give him the leather. This also happened when I started a new game and started the delivery quest of giving Berit's ashes to Runil in Falkreath. I do know how to progress through quests via the console but I don't want to really do this and wanted to know what causes this ESPECIALLY the bug where the quest will only update when in interiors. I can post my load order if needed but if anyone knows of a few culprits that make the quest only update in interiors, please tell me.

Things I've tried:

  • Fast travelling.
  • Going out of Riverwood and in Falkreath and back to Riverwood to check if Alvor will take the leather.
  • Waiting 24 hours via the wait menu.
  • Sleeping in an Inn.
  • Going into an interior, Waiting 24 hours, then going back to see Alvor.
  • Buying in Alvor's barter menu.
  • Killing and resurrecting Alvor.
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Edit: I do know quests (especially misc or radiant quests) can sometimes just bug out and not progress, but I've tried another instance where I spawn in Falkreath via Alternate Start and speak to Lod to start the Smithy Tutorial but the same thing happens there. And like I said, getting Berit's ashes to Runil did the same thing so I want to look at the problem instead of forcing the game to progress the quest because the problem might be affecting bigger quests which would plague me at 50 hours of playing.


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