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New Player here. Can’t get started as a mage.

Content of the article: "New Player here. Can’t get started as a mage."

I recently picked up the Elder Scrolls Summer Bundle and have been playing all 3 games simultaneously, using different builds in all 3 (Mage in Morrowind, Warrior in Oblivion, and Stealth in Skyrim). Starting as a Mage, I chose to play as an Argonian (suggested by a friend who has some experience in Morrowind, I'm sure there are better Mage races out there but it seemed to fit well enough). I progressed off the boat and chose my traits and the star I was born under, both mostly assisting things I would be using as Mages, as well as some buffs to the Acrobatics stat to improve the piss-poor base move speed.

As I gave my papers to the guards and headed out into the world of Morrowind, I found my combat abilities lacking. My magicka was severely limited, capping me at only one or two spells on a full meter, and no passive regeneration. As I had little to no points in my melee combat skills, I virtually never landed a hit, no matter which weapon I used or which type of attack I used.

I don't know what to do from here. I want to continue my playthrough as a mage, not only because of my self-imposed one-role-per-game rule, but also because I hear that mage builds are some of the strongest and most fun in all of Morrowind. I have been tempted to try Morroblivion, as I hear it is a very faithful recreation of Morrowind, but I want an authentic experience of Morrowind. I think that Morrowind's world is one of the greatest in all of the Elder Scroll's games, and part of the alien and unwelcoming nature of Vvardenfell that makes the game so intriguing to me comes from the low-poly look of the game and the frankly crappy nature of the voices and animations. I just feel like I can't do anything in combat because of my ridiculously low magicka cap, as well as my extremely low hit-rate. If any of you have advice, be it a good mage character setup, some good places to get decent spells or mage gear for relatively low cost, or anything that could get me off of my feet at all, I would appreciate it greatly. It is worth noting that I don't want to be overpowered or broken, I just want to have a decent start that doesn't leave me doing next to no damage. Thank you for taking the time to hear my plight, and again, all responses are helpful and will be appreciated greatly!

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