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New Release – Lupine Matriarch Armor – Modular Light Armor w Set Effects

(Technically NSFW due to the modular nature, but to get the full effect I wouldn't consider them NSFW)

LE/Classic –

SE –

My first real attempt at an armor mod, meant to be an alternative option for some light armors for female characters. Armor has an ancient appearance, and must be recreated and cannot be found. Also, the armors are much more expensive (but also more powerful than) the vanilla alternatives.

Armors are split into 9 parts (with there being 2 alternate tops that can be worn depending on your tastes, and a hair friendly helmet, and non-hair friendly helmet.) For LE/Classic the supported bodyslides are UUNP, CBBE and BHUNP. For SE the supported bodyslides are CBBE, 3BA, and BHUNP.

Set effects are as follows for each of the 5 sets – (Do note that all sets have the enchantable pieces, and an extra slot for a boot enchantment on the greaves component) The bits outside are from the 4 pre-enchanted pieces.

————————–Set Effects———————————————

Crude – <33% Resistance to attacks from 2H weapons> | No Pre-Enchanted Pieces , the parts that would be cannot be enchanted. | (Requires the appropriate crafting book)

Gilded | Prices are 15% better, carry weight increased by 25 points. | (Requires Elven smithing perk and 40 enchanting to craft + appropriate crafting book)

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Ziovendian (Turquoise) – | movespeed increased by 10%, 20% faster stamina regen, potions are 15% stronger, bows do 15% more damage. | (Requires Glass smithing perk and 40 enchanting to craft + appropriate crafting book)

Yyvengar (Red) – <50% resistance to attacks from bows/crossbows and 25% Frost Resist> | 10% magic resist, 40% faster magicka regen, 20% faster health regen, Light armor increased by 10. | (Requires Dragonscale smithing perk and 40 enchanting to craft + appropriate crafting book)

Crex (Black/Gray) – <25% better sneaking and 3x multiplier to sneak attack damage> | Illusion spells cost 10% less, movespeed increased by 5%, pickpocket success is 15% better, sneaking is 15% better. | (Requires Dragonscale smithing perk and 40 enchanting to craft + appropriate crafting book)


Armor can only be crafted with the appropriate books, each of which is hidden throughout Skyrim's base game locations (so nothing in Dawnguard locations or Solstheim) Here are the riddles associated with each.


Crude – Where a lycanthrope will flee their cursed fate, out of sight the treasure lays wait.

Gilded – Imprisoned by gold and ice, this treasure has met a chilling fate.

Ziovendian – A waterfall one must climb near where hags refuse to die.

Yyvengar – Where the Harbinger's eldest is laid to rest, and light's follow any who contest, a bird of stone holds the rest.

Crex – An archmage's fate, tied to another, where they rest, there is drowned plunder.

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I'm sure some of the lore master's out there could figure out these locations without taking too long, but I fear that someone without extensive in-game experience/lore knowledge may have difficulty with them.

Sorry for such a long post, figured for anyone actually trying to obtain the armor's this could be an easy place to see some of the specifics of what can be gained from each of the armors, and the riddles for the books.


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