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NEW RELEASE: Skyrim at War – Epic Civil War Battles Mod

Skyrim's Civil War is now brought to life as over 2,000 soldiers can be seen marching throughout Skyrim, attacking enemy cities in large military campaigns or defending allied hold territories. This mod implements an immersive large-scale dynamic war environment throughout Skyrim which was lacking in the vanilla game.

Main Features

– Adds over 200+ Civil War patrols throughout all the main roads of Skyrim. These patrols are either defending their hold territories or attempting to conquer enemy holds/towns/cities in large military campaigns (patrols can range anywhere from groups of 5-22 soldiers, and there may be up to over 2,000 patrolling soldiers at the start of the game).

– The cities/holds that a faction controls has a direct impact on how many soldiers/patrols it has available to them at all times (for example, if the Stormcloaks lose a hold, their total population of soldiers patrolling Skyrim will decrease while the Imperials will increase)

– Civil War Patrols will tactically retreat in battle if they are losing or severely outnumbered.

– The Civil War Factions have been expanded, with new types of soldiers for each faction (i.e. ranged units, heavy infantry, light infantry, civil war officers, battlemages, etc.), and both factions more distinct, operating with different strategic tactics in battle and have their own strengths and weaknesses in different combat situations.

– You can now command/lead groups of soldiers when you join a Civil War faction. The higher your rank, the more soldiers you can lead/command.

– Increased diversity for both Civil War factions (heavily lore based).

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– Civil War Forts and other towers/fortifications along roads are no longer inhabited by bandits and are replaced by Civil War soldiers at the start of each game AND reinforced with an additional 22+ soldiers.

– Defensive walls/fortifications around the entrances of major walled cities (e.g., Solitude, Windhelm, Markarth, Whiterun, and Riften) are reinforced with an additional 22+ soldiers in defense.

– Civil War soldier dialogue greatly expanded. They now respond accordingly to their environment, situations, state of battle, etc.

– Wearing any type of Stormcloak Armor, Imperial Armor, or Hold Guard Armor will cause the opposing faction to attack you on sight.

– Instead of the focus of the Civil War being on the tedious questline missions, you can now put the focus on just traveling Skyrim, searching for enemy soldiers to eliminate, and trying to eliminate all enemy soldiers like you would in real life war.

Civil War Mod Concept

The name "Skyrim at War" was inspired by Call of Duty: World at War and aims to bring the same intensity experienced in the Call of Duty World at War campaigns to Skyrim. As you travel Skyrim, every single road, town, city, or village has the potential to be a bloody civil war battle ground. Battles can start as swift small skirmishes and may escalate into intense large bloody battles that stretch on for over a mile.

The same way in which the fight from Stalingrad to Berlin for the Soviets was a relentless bloody war effort which every single road, town, and city encountered became a battlefield where every inch of ground gained costed dozens of lives of your fellow soldiers, you will experience the same as you travel the open world of Skyrim as a civil war soldier. As you make your way from Solitude to Windhelm as an Imperial soldier (or Windhelm to Solitude as a Stormcloak) you will have to fight tooth and nail over every inch of road you come across as you continue to advance closer towards the enemy's capital.

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You will now get a closer experience of what it feels like to be a soldier engaged in a bloody war which will likely include:

  • Witnessing epic battles
  • Seeing dozens of corpses scattered throughout the battlefield or floating down rivers (especially near Whiterun)
  • Being outnumbered and forced to retreat
  • Being suddenly ambushed and flanked from both sides
  • Seeing all your comrades perish in a failed attack
  • Fighting a losing a battle but suddenly being rescued by an advancing army of 20+ allied soldiers attacking from the rear
  • Feeling the thrill of charging a fort with 20+ archers head on
  • Being pinned by a constant barrage of arrows
  • Leading the charge of 20+ soldiers into a battle you are uncertain of winning
  • Being aware that you are putting yourself along with your fellow soldiers at risk as you advance and lead your soldiers deeper into enemy territory where one mistake can get them all killed
  • Learning the importance of scouting ahead for enemies

Knowing that all the allied soldiers you saved or the enemy soldiers you spared back then would eventually come back to save or haunt you, and realizing that you are winning the war as more and more soldiers you encounter on the roads are allied rather than enemy as a result of your war effort.

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Even if you decide not to begin the immediately begin the Civil War questline itself, the battles you come across as you travel Skyrim as a spectator are very entertaining to watch as there are a lot of unpredictability and a constant turning of the tide that occurs in these battles.

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