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NFF MCM problems

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I've generally had really great experiences with NFF and especially with it's MCM. On my most recent playthrough, however, all options in the MCM are unchangeable and the lists in options (such as follower class) are empty. Other mods MCMs work fine however. I included a short clip of what happens when I attempt to change something in the MCM.

Clip of NFF MCM problems

Any help would be great!

My load order: Alternate conversation camera Alternate start Apocalypse Apophysis dragon priest mask Arcanum BUVARP SE Battle Brothers SMIM Belly aches animal and creature pack SSE Better vampires SE Birds and flocks SSE edition Skyrim Flora overhaul SE Blended roads Cloaks of Skyrim SSE Fores new idles in Skyrim SE Combat gameplay overhaul Cutting room floor Diverse dragons collection SE Dynamic dungeon loot EVG conditional idles Embers HD Faction economy complete Fluffy snow – fluffy snow windhelm bridge and street fix Majestic mountains Fluffy snow – fluffy snow from majestic mountains Fuzz Ro D'oh Gemling queen jewelry SE Guards armor replacer Inigo Immersive armors Immersive fallen trees SSE Immersive sounds compendium SSE Immersive weapons Immersive world encounters SE Imperious Jcontainers SE KS hairdos SSE – female LC_buildyournoblehouse Landscape fixes for grass mods Lucien Enhanced blood textures SE Realistic aspen trees SE Miserith hall GS Modern brawl bug fix Moonlight tales special edition More perk points per level OBIS special edition Open cities Skyrim Ordinator Peltapalooza special edition PapyrusUtil SE Rugnarok aMidian book of silence_Armors Rustic clothing RaceMenu Realistic water two Realm of Lorkhan Relationship and dialogue overhaul Rich Skyrim merchants Noble Skyrim – NSM – SMIM patch Ruins clutter improved SE Sig. Equip. (Signature equipment) SkyTEST – REALISTIC ANIMALS AND PREDATORS Nether's follower framework (NFF) SkyUI Sounds of Skyrim complete SE Summermyst Talkative dragons The elder scrolls – Veydosebrom The great cities Unlimited amulets and rings for the modern era SE Unleveled items Unofficial Skyrim specially edition patch VioLens Vulkihar Knight XP32 maximum skeleton special extended Skyrim script extender 64 (SKSE64)

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