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NifHacks – Get your Racemenu preset to Blender and back with ease

Content of the article: "NifHacks – Get your Racemenu preset to Blender and back with ease"

So because information about TES modding is scattered across multiple dimensions, i decided to stop googling and figure out everything myself. And so this tool was born. Get latest version of it from NifHacks and follow the instructions. (I will assume that you more or less familiar with CLI)

  1. Export your preset to .nif through Racemenu's sculpt menu.
  2. Export your head parts to .obj with NifHacks: nifhacks.exe <path to .nif> <path to .obj> Exporting multiple parts to one .obj is unsafe and so you'll have to export them one by one to a different files. (I found a bug in Blender. If you have multiple objects in a single .obj file they can't differ in presence of normals or texture coordinates, if one of them has it, every other object should too, that's why you can't have your face and eyes in one file)
  3. Import your .obj files to Blender. Check "Keep Vertex Order" and uncheck everything else if you don't understand what you're doing.
  4. Edit parts that you want. Don't add or remove any vertices nor change faces, you're only free to move things around. (You're free to turn on smooth shading and change materials it wont affect geometry)
  5. Export parts you modified from Blender to .obj (You're not forced to export all of them, only ones you wanted to change) Check "Keep Vertex Oder" and uncheck everything else.
  6. Now we will transfer vertex coordinates from .obj to .nif (It recognizes identical parts by amount of vertices) nifhacks.exe <path to .obj> <path to .nif> New file will be created with .nif.nif extension.
  7. That's pretty much it. Just import your head parts with Racemenu. If you're using ModOrganizer and haven't closed Skyrim, you might need to restart it.
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You can also use this tool for different kinds of things if you please to do so.

If you encountered bug or don't understand something or it just doesn't work, feel free to ask or open issue at GitHub. I tested everything before release, it should work, it's a very simple tool, but you know how it can go. And regardless of whether you're using this tool or not – make sure that you backup your presets.


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