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Non-traditional tank build… introducing the Jesus Aegis (Templar Tank)

With the CP 2.0 system, Templar tanks are slightly less terrible than they were before, so I decided to take a break from Necro, Warden, and Sorc tanking to theorycraft and test an idea I had.

Allow me to introduce the Jesus Aegis, an incredibly fun Templar capable of delivering exceptional results for talented tanks either going through dungeon DLC hard modes with friends for the first time or tanks who want to challenge themselves by running PUGs where everyone is constantly dying for no reason.

The idea behind the build is simple- be able to pull off resurrections at insanely fast rates without dying. Everything in the build from gearing, CP, skills, and potions is designed with this in mind.

I made a video with the entire build + 2 clips showing the fun you can have with this build. The first clip serves as an intro to the build where we take on the gargoyle boss in Vet Scalecaller. The clip at the end of the video shows the execute phase of Fang Lair hard mode. Marvel at the resurrection power of the Jesus Aegis!

Wedged between the two clips is the actual build.

Here's the link:

For those who want to read about the build before watching, here are the key features:

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-Be a Templar. Put 2 points into the "Master Ritualist" passive under the "Restoring Light" skill line. This will reduce resurrection time by 20%

-In the red CP 2.0 tree, put 50 points into "Spirit Mastery" to reduce resurrection time by 33%

-Craft yourself a set of Heavy Kagrenac's Hope on the body. This will reduce resurrection time by another 25%. We go with body Kagrenac's Hope because we want flexibility in the other set.

-The other set works best with Eternal Yokeda. However, certain fights may require more sustain, more survivability, more group DPS, etc, so this is flexible. However, to truly be the Jesus Aegis, Eternal Yokeda is superior. The idea is that while you are pulling off a resurrection, even if you are taking a ton of damage, Eternal Yokeda will proc, give you 100 ultimate, and heal you back up to full health.

-The monster set is Earthgore. Before attempting to resurrect an ally, throw down a Heal Over Time such as "Extended Ritual." As with Eternal Yokeda, if you end up taking a lot of damage while you're resurrecting an ally, Ritual will tick and heal you, and that tick will proc Earthgore, which will in turn heal you a lot more.

-Important Skill 1: The Shield Wall Ultimate (your choice of spell wall or shield discipline morph). This cheap ultimate allows you to automatically block all attacks for 8 seconds. Pop it before going to revive an ally or three and you will be able to block the whole time. Not only that, but if eternal yokeda procs while you are getting the res, you pretty much have enough ultimate to cast shield wall again.

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-Important Skill 2: A heal over time. Extended Ritual works great. Again, throw it down before a res so you can proc Earthgore if needed.

-Potions: Unstoppable potions (or the Battlegrounds Vendor equivalent). Pop an unstoppable pot before getting the res, and now you can't be knocked back or CC'd. Nobody can stop you. You're Jesus Aegis.

-Optional: Be an Argonian. It makes running unstoppable pots better because all pots are tri-stat pots when you're an argonian.

-Also Optional: Potion cooldown enchants on your jewelry.

Anyway, enjoy the build. It's really fun. Here's the vid again:


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