The Elder Scrolls

Noob tested the game after 5 months

Just wanted to check on this game again, after ~5 months break. Say hello to a 45 gig download, with a 4.5 MB/S download speed.

I’m sorry for the stupid post, but I surprisingly found some free time to do a sh_t post. 🙂 (actually almost 3 hours of free time, lol).


Now, after the little troll: I’m pretty much a noob. Tried to get hooked on the game, but it was just the wrong time (after a long “modded skyrim” session), when I started ESO. I was planning to do some very role play focused character. I aim for some sort of melee & nature focused guy, with lycantrophy.

I guess Warden will fit this role the best (?) and I am way too noob, to figure how to make this build work. I already googled and checked out a bunch of YT-vids. But most of them aim for max level and getting the best gear for very specific builds.I hope to find some guidance from lvl1 upwards. The build doesn’t have to be OP. I’d rather like it to be fun to play, challanging, but not too restricting. I want to be able to solo exploring the world. I don’t need to be able to solo goup content. I’m planning to play this game to chill out / as side game.

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In key sentences:

  • I got all the big DLCs, except the latest one. (non of the small ones.. Idk, I just bought a bundle including a bunch of AddOns. I definitely got Warden and necromancer unlocked!)
  • I want to start the story in chronological order (I can remember this beeing possible, but only by force teleporting, ect.)
  • I want to focus on RP (not efficiency)
  • It’s a “just side game”. Just do do some jolly PvE, exploring
  • I want to be some sort of Druid / nature guy. Focusing on melee fighting and being big friends with his pet(s).
  • Lycanthropy as part of the character (as early as possible, for the RP to be working as intended)
  • With these restrictions, I want to be able to do the most things solo (basic stuffs) and have fun while fighting (not ROFL-stomping, nor getting ROFL-stomped.)
  • Not interested in PvP at all. Most likely not interested in PvE Raiding, too.
  • I basically start at 0 and am planning to play through the game like a noob. (explore the world, do random quests, enjoy the stories, ect.) (I will make exceptions & jump around to get the RP right first = getting lycantrophy & maybe other stuffs)


With these restrictions, do you guys have any suggestions on how to start, what can you guys recommend me to do / focus on? What race, what class, stamina or magika focus? what weapons? Ect.

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Thanks in advance you great folks! 🙂


Edit: any players with familiar mind set offering to share their character design? 🙂 (I’m not going to steal, I am just curious)


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