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Nord Skill Only Walkthrough

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Die, Ancient Dragon!

(Inspired by Majorslackattack who is currently doing a Khajit version on Youtube)


  • She is not allowed to engage in activitites that raise any of her skills other than the 6 Nord skills: Smithing, Onehanded, Twohanded, Block, Light Armor, Speech (Exception: Lockpicking, same as Slack has an exception for Speech, because not leveling these two skills is quite annoying).
  • She may drink potions, but of course not brew potions.
  • She may wear enchanted gear, but not (dis)enchant by herself.
  • She may not cast a spell (also only used staves when 100% required for quest progression), Shouts are ok (you need them to progress the main story anyway).
  • She may not sneak (to pick up loot is ok)
  • Legendary difficulty

What this means compared to a regular onehanded warrior (I skipped twohanded for the most part except to gain more perk points by training it):

  • you rely a lot more on found health potions
  • you are missing out on fortify onehanded boots (cannot drop), fortify smithing chests (cannot drop) and smithing potions higher than 50%. So the damage is probably about half of what I would expect by including Enchanting, a quarter when Alchemy was also used.
  • smithing is not really a good business model until lategame. The stuff you can craft has very low value, so you mostly rely on selling stuff you actually looted.
  • never sneak makes the game not that much harder when you are skilled as a full frontal attack warrior, but some missions are a bit weird, like the thief guild mission where you have to follow the Argonian fence.
  • until Dragonrend, dragons are a pita.
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Relevant Mods I used:

  • Adamant: slight rebalance of vanilla, sometimes better, sometimes harder
  • Growl: Werewolf overhaul, definetely much stronger than vanilla
  • KS Hairdos SMP: To get that cool Red Sonja look (totally relevant) 😉


I "alternate started" as a companion member to skip the tutorial. As every legendary character, I spent the first hours walking to certain places that have valuable stuff that isn't guarded, fighting low tier bandits and wolves and doing a lot of errand missions for coin. All the money I made was funneled into training onehanded to 50 and smithing to 75. I did a lot of smithing myself, with materials gathered from the various mines.

With those stats, I made my first serious gear set and played the companions until I became a werewolf and about half the thief guild. Very little mages are involved here, and mages are terrifying on Legendary difficulty. That is until I found my 50% fire resistance scaled boots and a waning shock elven shield. I then successfully aquired the dragon priest mask Otar, and together with the Lord Stone, magic damage was now more than managable. I could now play dawnguard somewhat safely (being vampirism and magic immune) and tried to get the dawnguard axe, but the quest just never showed up.

I capped my smithing with the help of ebony weapons from draugr overlords and ebony ingots from the orc mine near kinesgrove. This also turned out to be my "business model", as these weapons sell for about 2000-4000 septims each, once improved to legendary.

One major enemy fell after the other, and I would say she succeeded.

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This is the best gear I could come up with in the end:


Stat distribution: Health +50, then Stamina +50, then health +50 etc.

Lots of resistances (25 SHield + 25 Lord Stone + 15 Mara + 15 Savior's Hide + 50 fire boots + 50 frost being Nord), and as much onehanded damage as I could find. "Peerless" versions would be preferred (Radiant Raiment didn't deliver so far), otherwise this should be best in slot. And I can play without helmet now and still have enough armor. Hooray for red hairs!

My smithing gear is still very subpaar, minor ring, major amulet, eminent gloves. I could probably push her to 400 damage with peerless versions.

But her voyage is kind of over now, as all Nord skills are 100 now, all interesting perks taken.

First Alduin is defeated, as well as a couple Ancient Dragons. Companions, Thieves, Dark Brotherhood (destroyed), Mage Guild are done. Miraak and Harkon shouldn't pose a problem, I'll just have to walk to them and smash them.

The Growl mod now produces Archery and Heavy Armor xp, so I cannot turn into a werewolf anymore without reaking the rules, and while I want to continue playing with her, I will most likely soften the rules a bit now. I want to read my Oghma Infinum, I want to continue werewolving etc.


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