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Oblivion freezing on in-game menus at seemingly random

Specifically, the only 2 menus I've seen it freeze on (so far) are LINK's mod menu and DarNified UI's configuration menu. Can't seem to find any consistency beyond that, though. No specific action seems to cause it and no amount of time in a menu seems to consistently trigger it. Sometimes, it'll be instant upon opening the menu; sometimes, I can go in and out of menus with impunity until some arbitrary point where the game crashes.

At first, I thought maybe it may unfreeze but it just eventually opened up the Windows "Not Responding" menu until eventually I just killed it. First assumption was maybe a previously unnoticed conflict between LINK and DarNified? I doubted it, but still removed LINK to be safe. That did not fix it. I've tried removing every UI related mod I can think of, down all the way to just having DarNified installed, but nothing's working.

Part of the problem is probably that I'm new to Oblivion modding (as in I started this morning). That and I didn't manage to catch this in my test runs, so I didn't notice it until I sat down to prep to play the actual game and started to play around with the in-game settings.
That said, I'm not new to Bethesda modding, in general, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what is causing this. Thanks in advance!

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Here's my load order (or, at least, what it was before I purged it of all my UI mods, and what I just reverted to):
All Natural Base.esm
Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp
Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp
Knights – Unofficial Patch.esp
All Natural – Real Lights.esp
All Natural.esp
All Natural – SI.esp
Immersive Interiors.esp
Immersive Interiors – Bravil.esp
Immersive Interiors – Imperial City.esp
Immersive Interiors – Landscape Addon.esp
Dynamic Map.esp
Weapons Of Morrowind.esp
Auto Update Leveled Items And Spells.esp
Dahyka's Vanilla Racial and Birthsign Tweaksv2.2.esp
Ultimate Leveling.esp
Extended UI.esp
Bashed Patch, 0.esp


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