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Observations of a first time PUGger.

Content of the article: "Observations of a first time PUGger."

PUGged (using Dungeon Finder) for the first time yesterday, after playing for a few years. All three groups were great and we kicked butt. I had some thoughts (said many times before) on my experience:

  1. Don't leave the group early. We finished Iceheart, one member said they'd been trying for weeks for a piece. Checked my inventory, had the piece, but they'd already left the group. (Tried whispering them, but got no reply. Couldn't email them – neither user name showed up.) So, at least hang out for a couple of minutes if you need something. Now, I have a piece that will just get deconned.

  2. Don't rush too much. I get it. Sacks and barrels are mostly useless for many. (Though they do drop leads and motifs overland, don't know about dungeons.) We finished one (Blackheart maybe), and I ran back through before being removed and found two chests we missed and both had some good loot.

  3. Dungeoneering with guild mates is a great way to build confidence for random groups. There's a lot of criticism of PUGs and how ZOS implements it. It could be better, but it's not nearly as bad as you might think. I was intimidated to join a PUG and never tried. Running some with a guild got my confidence up and everything went well. I kind of fell in love with the group that ran Blackheart – we all just worked well together and got through everything without wiping. The healer was awesome.

It's possible my first three random groups were just good players with good attitudes and it won't happen again. But I doubt it. Get out there and give it a try. Join a guild to get some experience, if you're unsure. Dungeon Finder, in my opinion, isn't about "CP 900, BIS equipment, got that LA weave goin' on". It's great to have all that, but I see it more as a band of folks that just met up and decided to explore this new place. Some good. Some not so good. But all in it together.

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