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Genuinely, the way the ccharacters look ingame makes me wanna rip out my eyes.
Except theres only 1 good mod on the entire Oblivion Nexus that Positively changes the characters faces, and thatss OCO… But the problem iss like ton of others is that no matter what I do get the "INSTALL BLOCKHEAD" print on MY and other characters faces.

Ive looked at every video, every thread i can find. I've looked at every single Lead i could find for a fix on this and for the love of god so help im about to punch my monitor, because none of them work and ive spent hours making sure i did every step correctly.

Can ssomeone PLEASE tell me how to fix this. I really cant stand my character looking like a blob of clay. Certainly when you see their face everytime you open the menu…
I cant use the OBSE launcher cause ive used steam. Yes i have tried "Latest" version, meaning I rreplaced the .exe you get for the regular version with the data file and the .dll's

I barely have any mods because of how out dated thiss iss and I hate wyrebash, i've dispised it from the day I seen it. Sadly, its the only thing that works for 98% of oblivion mods.

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0. Oblivion.esm
1. DLCShiveringIsles.esp
2. Knights.esp
3. Oblivion_Character_Overhaul.esp
4. Corean_hair_for_orginal_race.esp (I know other hairstyles are incompatible with OCO but it only works for the corean race)
5. IDKRRRR_C_race.esp (This is corean race)
6. FormID Finder4.esp

Im not a modding noob, in practicality I know what I'm doing. I dont entirely deal with changing scripts and ect, i follow guides and ect for such. Im saying this so I dont mislead anybody into thinking im a complete noob. Generally im an average joe when it ccomes to modding.

I dont know what else to throw in here beside, thanks to anybody in advance who tries to help me
I appreciate all ideas and help in to getting this to work. If theres anymore information I havent stated that can be useful please tell me and I'll be more than happy to provide it if possible.

Im showing my mods besides the esp's just incase.

!(5059h6jqb7b61 "I know blockhead is a different 'type' and goes directly into the obse plugins folder. I did thiss because I was following another guide that turned out as everything else did. (Its also in the plugins folder btw)")


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