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Odd Creation Kit Bug. Some Merchant Chests Not Moving Properly.

Content of the article: "Odd Creation Kit Bug. Some Merchant Chests Not Moving Properly."

So, I'm trying to convert the "Accessible Merchant Storage" mod from LE to SE. I successfully opened it in the CC and was able to save it and get it working. Except for some chests not moving to their proper places and instead remaining under the floor. Even though they do show in their correct places in the CK.

From my checking it's nearly totally random what chests are where they should be and what ones remain under the floor. Warmaiden's in Whiterun works (inside and outside) but the halls of the college of Winterhold do not, despite them not being modified by any other mods, for example.

Inexplicably Enthir's chest in the Hall of Attainment does move properly dispite Tolfdier's chest remaining under the floor in the same cell.

I checked in SSEEdit to be sure there were no conflicts and there were no mods other than the Unofficial Patch effecting either hall of the college of Winterhold, there were other mods messing with a few locations such as Bits and Pieces in Solidude (and the only major mod effecting that is Enhanced Lights and FX) but given that the Arcanium in winterhold and the exterior cell of Whiterun worked fine despite having multiple mods with higher priority modifying them and even in modified cells nothing else is changing the layout of the rooms or the locations of the merchant chest I don't think that the issue is a conflict.

I also confirmed that it does not matter if the contents of the chest are modified by a higher level mod as one mod I use adds a bunch of stuff to the Riverwood Trader and the chest there was where it was supposed to be.

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Here's a link to the original mod.

Here's a link to my conversion for if you want to see if it works for you.

For easy testing there should be a chest outside Warmaidens behind the tanning rack and there should be a chest at the bottom of the stairs in Bits and Pieces and a chest on a shelf in Tofdier's room in the college. For me the Warmaiden one works fine and the other examples do not, and remain under the floor. Note that the Keys do appear properly in the inventories of the merchants that should have them and the keys open the chests they should.

Sorry if I put the wrong flair.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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