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Oh boy … what have i done! Modding help needed

Hello modding community!

SO over the past 2 years i have looked through the Nexus mods pages and skimmed the 32k mods in its entirety … dont ask how long this took. hint, weeks. plus monthy checks of whats new

I have added 2000 mods to my tracked mods (lots of redundancies to get rid of when i pick the ones i want) and id say about 80% are things I want in the game. Yes im hopeless lol. I have begun to download them and try and merge some but im so lost -.- Im not sure what can be merged and what cant be. Ive looked up some guides but it all seems like I have to do merging and the Wrye bash patch at the end, so how will I know when i hit the dreaded 255 even after bash and merging?

  1. Also what is the most mods anyone has ever gotten to successfully merge?

  2. I want to try and make this all work with skyrim together, but IDK if theres a list of what doesnt work with that (Im assuming this is impossible with large mod lists so I dont have high hopes here)

  3. Another ask is would someone be willing to help me get my redundencies down? A ton of them are for combat

3.1 -for combat I just want 3rd person to feel great, I want to lock on, dodge with good animations, Combat to be difficult and reward like 0 xp I want questing to be xp

3,2 – I want to use a controller and want to have the D-Pad be slots for hotbar, No menu pausing

3.3- I want leveling to take WAYYY longer and will add dragon souls to perk points, dragon hearts, ect to get perks for Ordinator. Is there a mod that will make it so im not Lvl 20 and be figting the highest level enemies in game and have like dragon armor falling from the sky? Im adding so much more dungeon and new land mods and want the game to feel like im still progressing at hour 100.

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3.4 – I want to use the book of UUNP with the CBBE patch, does that go into the leveled list after a wrye bash patch? and i want to add a few other armor mods so is the book of UUNP script heavy? Will it work with OBIS? and for the love of god does breakable equipment work (please say yes) That is a huge thing I miss from oblivion. Like "oh great I got 1 pc of high level armor that i will never ever get rid of" … not fun at all! I want some reason to change armor.

3.5 – Is there a way for me to go in and set what level suff starts appearing? I also want to rely on crafting over looting in most cases, so is there a way to remove high level armor and ingots from vendors? I like mining my own ores in my last playthrough

3.6 – and I want it all to work together so what would I be sacrificing for that

****Sorry for such a crazy post, I know Im asking for so much, I just want to have the experience Im looking to achive, I modded my xbox version to the max but stopped because PC had so much more to offer and I got a PC FOR THIS, but didnt know about the 255 limit when I set out on this endevor… I feel a bit defeated -.-

  1. Textures,,, Okay so I keep downloading texture mods and they all have ESPs so is there like an END ALL BE ALL texture pack to just upgrade the game? I found a few that have a lot of things change, so do I just merge them all together? some have the same things changed for a few parts will that cause issues merging or will it just overwrite and discard the redundant content?

  2. Followers – are non scripted followers able to be merged? Theres a few I have that add map markers to find them does that mean its scripted?

  3. NPC face changes – can they be merged into 1 esp if i have like every NPC changed?

  4. Is there a list of dungeon mods that conflict in world space? I looked but couldnt find one

  5. Creatures – Most are Mihail mods creatures, I had a huge pack that was merged on Xbox but a lot were breaking the game, so i downloaded a bunch on PC and got rid of the ones I remembered were causing issues, has anyone encountered CTDs with any Mihail mods before I implement?

  6. No fast travel! man that was the best decision I ever made on XBox, I found so many things I would have never seen, had so many cool encounters, and …died so many crazy ways. SO! I want to add Wayshrines of Skyrim or a similar thing for SOME expediency and I found a town portal mod like in DIablo, Does anyone have any suggestions for a no fast travel play? I tried convenient horses on xbox but couldnt get it working properly on there

  7. Skyrims menus suck! and I cant find mods for some menues I see people have in screenshots, basically I want the one that looks like oblivion if anyone has a link

  8. LotD – This one mod is the nail in the coffin for my PC switching. HOWEVER holy shit does it use a lot of slots for plugins…. can the massive patch list be merged?

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12, Does anyone who loves modding want to take on the task of doing this list for me? I mean hey its a challenge :p and I suck at doing this! If not I totally get it im already HOURS into trying this and absolutly failing at it.

Anyway thats my rant. Feel free to call me a pleb in the comments


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