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On Faith And Conflict – First Hand Account Of The Dunmer Struggles (1)

As i wrote this book, a sort of realization descended upon me, and now i know that this will be but a part in a series of books, written as best as my memory serve me and those around me. For we must study our past, as to not make the same mistakes in the future.

– – –

If you are unfamiliar with me or my works, then allow me to introduce myself – My name is Arith-Enle Faryyl-Munri , one of the three Illuminated Elders of the Great Temple in Mournhold. I will preface that me writing this book is not officially sanctioned by Temple authorities. It is written from my own volition and you should treat it so. In this book i will try to explain my opinion on how we came so close to annihilation, how we clawed our way back from the brink of destruction, and how after all those events, we turned on each other for 45 years of senseless bloodshed.

– – –

Prologue – Author's Opinion on the Tribunal and Past events.

While today we the Ashlanders are regarded as "Keepers of the Faith" and "The True Believers", it wasn't always like that. For almost 3,500 years we were seen as a threat by the Tribunal Temple. When the son of the Lady Azura, Alandro Sul, descended from Red Mountain after the death of Saint Nerevar at the hands of his most trusted advisors, he told us the truth of what happened. Of the betrayal of Nerevar at the hands of his wife, best friend, and teacher. He told us of the events that happened in that chamber, how Lady Azura cursed as all to look just like our enemies, how she planted the seed of prophecy in the minds of the False Gods, and how we shall be liberated from their oppressive rule.

But that was not so for the this new 'Tribunal'. They immediately branded all that still believe in the Three Good Gods as heathens that should be killed, by their orders we the Ashlanders were driven from the land to the fringes. To the Velothi Mountains, to Vvardenfell, to the coast of the Padomic Ocean, to the borders of Black Marsh and Cyrodiil. Anyone who knew the truth of what happened under that mountain is hunted and killed like a dog, and their own truth became the truth.

That the Lady Azura wanted them to use those profane tools on the heart of her brother Lorkhan, how she 'approved' of their usurpation of the place of the Three Good Gods. They told their frightened brothers and sisters that under their rule, Resdayn will prosper from now until the end of times.

But they knew it was all a lie. Their powers were tied to the Heart. And if they are denied access to the Heart, their powers will wane and eventually disappear.

What will happen then? Who will protect our people, and lead them to the future?

– – –

I will end this prologue here with these questions. And i urge you, dear reader, not to believe what you are told about the Tribunal. If they were so benevolent, then why did Vivec held Baar Dau in place, and order the construction of a city right under it, bearing his name? If they were so kind, why did Almalexia ruled Mournhold (at the time it was called Almalexia) with an iron fist? If they were so caring of their people, why did Sothat Sil disappeared to his Clockwork City, never to be seen again?

Ask these questions, and remember: Faith Guides, Duty Obeys.

Praise Thee, Lady Azura.


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