The Elder Scrolls

On the Ordo Draconis

For the Emissaries eyes only, courtesy of the all seeing eye of Skyrim

Emissary Elenwen, you may be relived to hear that we believe the Blades, as we know them have gone extinct, other than two agents who remain in Skyrim. However after extensive review of several documents and witness testimony extracted from enhanced interrogation I have reason to believe that a dangerous Blades splinter group called “the Order of the Dragon” is actively working against our interests, though this group seems unrelated to the surviving blades agents we know of, and it is unlikely they know of each other’s existence.

As you know immediately after the Great War, our armies laid siege to Cloud Ruler Temple and the remaining Blades were wiped out. Those that escaped were accounted for, and we already know of their whereabouts. However upon reviewing a list of blades stationed in cloud ruler Temple that I procured from the Imperial Archive in White-Gold Tower it appears that one Blades agent we were not aware of escaped the siege alive. Our soldiers counted and indentified each of the corpses after the siege to make sure that not one Blade escaped.

When I reviewed the list from the archives, and cross referenced it with the list made after the siege however there is one name missing from the second list. One Human, Irlav Dracul a native of the Eastern Jerall Mountains of mixed Nord and Colovian heritage. This same Irlav Dracul disappeared from Imperial record for the next 10 years, only for a person of the same name to appear again in the Cyrodiilic Guild Registry as the founder of an organization called “The Ordo Draconis”. Despite being a registered guild, the Imperial Ministry of Commerce has no record of the Organization ever being active, or even of the groups purpose.

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At first I was willing to assume that this was a coincidence, but a spy captured outside of our embassy shortly before Ulfric Stormcloak was captured by the Imperials let slip the word “Ordo Draconis” during interrogation. He also gave us the names of several alleged members of the organization within Skyrim, including one Viarmo of the Bards College, one Nazeem of Whiterun, and a man named Lokir posing as a petty thief, who we have not been able to locate. Unfortunately the captive also revealed that he does not know the names of every member of the organization, because they operate in autonomous cells. According to this same captive, the organization when it sends messages, sends them in the form of anonymous letters entitled simply as “from a friend”.

We believe this organization likely has agents in every hold in Skyrim, and in all of the Jarls courts. We also believe that this same organization is responsible for both the Imperials and the Stormcloaks having an unusual awareness of our activities in Skyrim, sometimes even before they take place. Although why they would assist both sides in this conflict is beyond our current understanding.

I suggest we move to eliminate this so called “Guild” immediately, though we must do so slowly and deliberately in order to not call attention to ourselves.

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