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Opinions – Do I get back into ESO, and how do it do it?

Content of the article: "Opinions – Do I get back into ESO, and how do it do it?"

So I pre ordered ESO back in 2014 when it first came out and played it a little, but I ended up being let down because for whatever reason (I was pretty young at the time) I just stopped playing – probably half down to the fact that I just got bored as I didn’t even know what an endgame was and half because I think I was secretly expecting Skyrim 2, as Skyrim was my favourite game at the time (and still is.)

But I digress… anyway, I want to get back into ESO because I want to get more into the elder scrolls lore like I used to be when I was younger and far more engaged in it, as school meant I didn’t really have time anymore to fill my brain with video game lore but given lockdown I have that stress gone for a bit at least. So, my question is how do I get into the thick of the game quickly? Is it like the MMO Destiny / Destiny 2, where you basically do the main campaign then buy the latest DLC and are caught up with everyone, regardless of having missed the DLCs before it? So would I just buy Greymoor and be able to get into the ‘endgame’ or is there more to it? (I know there’s the imperial city which I believe was made free and of course a lot of DLCs such as the dark brotherhood etc, which I would consider coming back to later, I’m just looking to get my character into a strong position level-wise initially) I just don’t know if you NEED those extra DLCs to be caught up with everyone else. Or is it technically possible to get to those highest ranks without any DLCs, but people buy the DLCs for special raids/means of getting xp/the new storylines?

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Anyway yeah, if you could help me with what my first move should be for getting back into the game. I believe I’m level 16 on my character last time I played so could finish the main story on that one after not too long. So could anyone tell me what DLCs I should buy, if any, and how I can get my character to a good level relatively quickly? Also whether it’s worth going back and playing any of the older ones too? Thanks.

P.S. I plan on being more of a solo PVE player if it makes any difference, just want to dive in again for mainly lore purposes/just fresh TES content (greymoor admittedly got my attention back on ESO as the concept of exploring Skyrim again in a new timeline seems very tempting lore-wise as well as the other many lore-heavy quest lines you can enjoy) but I’m willing to spend a bit of money to do so.


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