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Opinions on Immersive Creatures, and suggestions for other creature/monster mods that can be merged together

Content of the article: "Opinions on Immersive Creatures, and suggestions for other creature/monster mods that can be merged together"

Hey all,

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I'm at the point in creating my ideal mod setup where I am looking at mods that I've used in the past, and potentially looking to replace them. One of those is Immersive Creatures.

What are your opinions on it in terms of content and stability?

I've heard some bad things about the overall stability of this mod, even though I've used it in the past with no stability issues – at least no issues that I could trace back to it specifically.

My biggest issue is, however, even with the purist preset active, there are still quite a few added creatures that I am not a fan of – Dreughs in particular, I know they're lore friendly, but I don't like how they're executed and placed in Immersive Creatures, especially after running into them multiple times in the southern areas of the Reach.

I thought I might be able to use the xedit spawn remover script to eliminate the creatures that I didn't like, but I realized I'd be removing a huge portion of the mod, and since I'm not too familiar with exactly how the mod works to spawn creatures, I feel like editing it to such a degree is asking for trouble.

So I've decided to get some feedback regarding the mod, and create a merge of creature mods that I can use to replace Immersive Creatures should I decide not to use it.

Any suggestions for what I should put in that merge?

As of right now, I've already created and tested a merge with all the Mihail and OpusGlass mods that I want and I think would fit, as well as Birds of Skyrim, so those are out of the running.

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The thing I really liked about Immersive Creatures was the amount of variation in the undead there was, all the different types of skeletons and draugr, it really made exploring dungeons and cairns a lot better, just having that variety. Currently that's also the biggest gap in my creatures merge, undead creatures, so any suggestions for mods that add new types of draugr or skeletons would be much appreciated, as will any other suggestions of course.

TL;DR – Looking for opinions on Immersive Creatures in terms of content and stability, as well as suggestions for individual creature/monster mods to put into a merge.

Thanks in advance!


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