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Orcs are pigfolk

Orcs are a weird race, while obviously mer, they're also refered to as goblin-ken and beastfolk.

Now, some people dismiss those claims as just racism towards orcs, and while it's a fair point, this is TES, there is almost always more to this.

In fact, I've found surprising amount of evidence that orcs are, indeed, pig-mer.


First edition of "Pocket guide to Empire":

The goblin-ken (orcs, ogres, gremlins, and other beastfolk)

The book "Pig Children", just compares them to pigs:

Orcs are thankfully easy to recognize from other humanoids by their size — commonly forty pertans in height and fifteen thousand angaids in weight — their brutal pig-like features, and their stench.

There is also another, more recent, and slightly less racist text, "Thendaramur Death-Blossom Answers Your Questions" :

Trinimac was vain and arrogant, and he and his followers paid for their weakness by being transformed to show what they truly are: brutish Betmer without guile or finesse.

(Betmer is an alternative name for beast races)


This is now mostly a japanese thing, but orcs often used to have pig features, including even noses (or snouts?).

This is a picture from first edition of D&D for example

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There is a lot of evidence pointing towards Khajit being once elf-like creatures, some species looking almost exactly like normal mer.

Bosmer, especially in ESO, are borderline deer-people.

According to their creation myth, Bosmer and Khajit were once Grey Ooze without form, and Azurah shaped Khajit into what they are now, Y'ffre saw what she did and did the same to Bosmer, except he prevented them from changing form.

It's possible that Boethiah was able to do the same with Trinimac. Trinimac, obviously was not made of Grey Ooze, but maybe this is why he had to be consumed and "relieved".

  • Too literal minded

Some people believe that orcs came from existence from bathing in the dung that was the remains of Trinimac, but Malacath says the tale is "too literal minded"

I know they were worshippers of Trinimac, but nobody really does wallow in filth. Unless.. this meant they became creatures that wallowed in filth. Pigs.

The ending of the words is OINK


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