The Elder Scrolls

Overhauled Ward & hotkey-free weapon switch system now available almost entirely stand-alone with the release of Spellsiphon 5.9. Ward can now also be disabled.

New update just released that fulfills some requests people have had over quite some time now. Namely:

  • Getting Spellsiphon's fancy

    without needing the rest of the mod mechanics to come along with it.
  • Getting everything else in Spellsiphon without the Ward, in case it doesn't fit with your specific set up of combat and difficulty mods.
  • While i was doing that i also threw in the possibility to get the Bound Weapon system stand-alone. So you can get 1 physical weapon, 1 primary bound weapon set and 1 secondary bound weapon set, all without a single hotkey involved (the shout button is used for this, press to toggle between physical and primary bound, long-press to toggle between primary and secondary bound). These weapons scale with Health to stay relevant throughout the game (and to not be OP at the beginning, they will start at the same damage as Iron when at 100 health).

You can activate the Ward-only or Weapons-only mode by using the new "Presets" menu in Spellsiphon's new MCM. If you do this, you do not need to interact with the "Spellsiphoning" book at all. So there's no extra books, no tutorial quest, no spell combo system, nothing like that. You only get the chosen mechanic and nothing else. If you want to, you can use the book later to access the full capabilities of the mod, but that's entirely up to you.

The MCM will explain exactly how to access the Ward/Weapons. There are multiple convenient options ranging for simply assigning a hotkey (like you would with any other spell) to using the shout button to getting it auto-re-equipped after casting other spells.

Do note however that Ward is still not a completely separated spell, accessing it via hotkey is actually done by hotkeying a Power but the process is identical: Press your hotkey -> Get the spell (you dont need to cast the Power, Spellsiphon handles that for you).

Separating Ward entirely causes multiple technical issues which are tough to solve, but hey, with this way you get these convenient alternate equip-methods that you wouldnt get if it was separated.

For XBox players: Since you don't have an MCM, these Presets will not be available to you but you can still configure the mod in the same way by using the Research book as usual, it'll take some more steps to do but it's fully possible.

Oh, and the Ward has gotten a visual overhaul as well as seen


Hope you like the update and do let me know if any of these Presets aren't working as intended!

( is having trouble and is delaying the XBox release, it's been uploaded on my end but i dont know when it will become available on the site)


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