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Overhauls for holds and house interiors?

Content of the article: "Overhauls for holds and house interiors?"

I am totally content with my playthrough right now, until I came to Winterhold.

Without the Qaxe Winterhold Rebuilt mod (deleted afaik), Winterhold just feels so empty and sad and inhospitable. No home to drop your loot, no people to sell stuff to beyond the general goods store which has like only a few gold and the guy in College. There's a lot of new stuff now, but I realized if Winterhold's getting a face lift, Falkreath, Morthal, and Dawnstar should, too. And if they're all getting a facelift, the major holds should, too, to maintain their difference as major holds.

Additionally, I felt bummed out upon seeing other vanilla player homes. I have {Breezehome by Lupus} originally only for the enchanting table; everything else a bonus. It grew on me though; it gave Breezehome a facelift while still maintaining its humble early game personality and not making it look like a museum of some sorts. Its frozen decor is sooo appreciated too when your Dovahkiin accidentally sneezes out a Fus Ro Dah.

As I've always been content with how vanilla holds, player homes, and villages look like, I'm honestly lost in this aspect of modding the game.

So, can anyone recommend mods for overhauling cities, faction locations, and towns, while being functional (merchants, smiths, alchemists, mages, potential player houses, stuff to do..), inter-compatible, lore-friendly, performance-friendly and stable with each other? Is {JK's Skyrim} and compatible mods found in its page a good start? I already have {Missives} as a potential incompatibility I can't part with.

Also, any non-overkill house interior mods with "frozen" decor, like the mod mentioned above?

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I know those sound like too specific and tall requirements, but honestly the quality and number of mods for Skyrim only go up as years pass, and I'm still amazed and mindblown at these SE mods, compared to LE back then, that I'm sure those aren't too hard to achieve.



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