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Alone and fully one, Anu walked the tides of the Void, pondering things for an eternity of untime. Every step across the muddy ocean caused subtle ripples across its surface, which wizened before they could become waves, and everything was calm. And Anu’s theories and thoughts multiplied and trebled like light diffracting into a bouquet of colour. Most of these colours rotted and languished as unplanted seeds, and he saw no crime in that, in letting something never be. Yet one idea in particular swam through the depths of his soul and was mysterious, even to him. It was an impossibility. The idea that Anu could have an equal and opposite. Of course, the paradox is obvious, surely an equal to Anu would have to be born from the same place as him, so this idea could never be anything true.

Until a silence questioned Anu, and broke him from his thoughtful ponderings.

“Are you okay?” The silence asked, making Anu glance across the black glass that is the Void. With no source to be seen he resumed his work, till it arrived again.

“Surely you cannot be content like this?” It inquired, a hint of amusement on its voice.

“What are you?” Anu retorted, his mouth feeling numb due to unuse.

“Not as real as you are, I think. Perhaps I’m a phantom, or a fantasy, a Dream?” The silence quickly responded.

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“A Dream?” He said to the emptiness.

“Mhm. Illusory yet real: the bleeding red of the summer dawn, or the memories you long for which are gone,” the silence chimed, feeling very amused with itself.

“Do you have a name?”

And for once, the silence paused.


“What name would you like?” Anu asked, sitting upon the void and noting how it softly vibrated like never before.

“I… I’m not sure. What makes a name?”

“A name is a new thing you wish to be,” he responded, a smile upon his face, which was alien to him.

“Mhm. Like Idea? Or Execution perhaps? Praxis? Activity?” All these ideas were known to the profundity of Anu, yet as far from his heart as night is to day.

“I think Silence is quite sweet, no?” Anu said softly, always patient and understanding, and preferring serene things.

“Silence? Ssssilence? Ssssssilenceeeee? It sounds very… tranquil. I feel as though that’s more you than me,” she says with a laugh, making Anu’s smile wider.

“What about that word, yet more… me? More moving and impactful. Silenta? Sicry? Sigê?”

“That last one is nice,” he said liking that it was short, and alike to his own name.

“Sigê, sigê, sigê,” she tried out the word, finding herself displeased with its knowable nature, and deciding to alter it. “PSJJJJ,” she said, making the Void tremble with possibility. Anu failed to quite comprehend the word, finding it trapped between the ideas of mystery and non-existence, much like the strange voice herself.

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“That word is… strange,” he mumbles, realising how that this being is not simply silence as he had thought, but a endless vibration in the Void itself.

“Yes. I like that,” she declares proudly. “Do you?”

Anu forced a smile, despite the blooming anxiety inside of him.

“It’s very you,” he says, as short-spoken as ever. “Whatever ‘you’ is.”

“Thank you, Dreamer.”


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