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People who queue for a group dungeon only to leave your entire party behind to run straight to the last boss: why?

I’d first like to state for the record that this doesn’t apply to groups that obviously have the same agenda. If I queue into Fungal Grotto and the entire party turbos to the last boss, that’s completely fine and honestly basically expected at this point – but if there is a group member that is obviously lagging behind or trying to complete the content for the first time, it kind of sucks the fun out of it for them. We were all that player once. During the Undaunted event in particular, I’ve found myself sticking around Fungal Grotto after the final boss when everyone else leaves to help lower level/less experienced players kill the rest of the bosses on a couple of occasions. Yes I know that these bosses can be killed solo pretty easily, but keep in mind that when you were new to this game you probably also found basic bosses fairly intimidating and difficult.

This is something that I encounter in probably one out of every ten or so random dungeons that I queue for and is obviously way more common in early dungeons like city of ash, fungal grotto, and the like, and is also more frequent when not on veteran – where teammates tend to communicate better, generally speaking. I’ve noticed multiple occasions where we’ve had clearly new players in a dungeon and one group member will just run off the cliff and, for example, kill the Infernal Guardian before the new players are even able to pick up the quest – essentially ruining the dungeon for them because they are now unable to complete the quest without queuing again. This is made doubly bad when the person running ahead is supposedly our “tank” or our “healer.”

Why queue for a group dungeon if you’re going to do this when you could simply run it solo in the same amount of time? You clearly don’t need any help, so why group just to leave the whole party behind? This also often leads to situations where most of the party is trying to keep up with one player and two or three members will be fighting all of the bosses while the more inexperienced player/s are left behind wondering where to go next and why they spent 40 dollars and 8 hours to download this game. A general rule of thumb that I follow when not on vet is to assume that one of my group members has not ran the dungeon before. I’ve found that it makes for a better experience.

This is more annoying than rage inducing, but it does kind of dampen my mood when I see it happen, especially with low level or clearly new players involved in the dungeon. I totally understand speed running the dungeon and am always willing to do it if that’s what the party agrees to, but if I’m playing on regular, my expectation is that there is at least a possibility that I will be playing with newer or less experienced players. If you run ahead and notice that nobody is keeping pace with you, please wait for the other players who may be doing the quest or trying to learn mechanics. It even makes it harder for those trying to help the new players because they are trying to keep pace with them and also missing out on the dungeon. Just a little bit of communication would be nice.

With that said, I would like to note that the vast majority of people I encounter in dungeons are kind, patient, and willing to teach others and be helpful. I just wish this was as much the case in regular as it is on vet. You’d think it would be the opposite as on veteran, you’re more so expected to know some mechanics or to have run the dungeon on normal a few times, but there are always people who are running vet dungeons for the first time and I only rarely see really negative reactions to those players. On regular on the other hand, there are so many groups that devolve into every man for himself.

There’s my rant. I just had to put that into words because I saw it happen twice last night while running regular dungeons for the undaunted crates and I just find it annoying and a bit disheartening.


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