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Played and beat Morrowind for the first time

Content of the article: "Played and beat Morrowind for the first time"

As the title says, I recently beat Morrowind. This was my second TES game I've completed a "canon" run of (play the canon race/sex, become the head of all factions, and beat the main story and DLCs), with the first was Skyrim which I finished this March, but didn't think of making a post giving my penny's worth. Near the end of the main story of Morrowind, I figured out that I could make a list of what I liked, didn't like, and what I'm mixed on and post them here afterwards, so that's what I'm doing. My thoughts on the game overall is that I had a lot of fun with it, even with some annoyances, though Skyrim is still my favorite. The version I played was the GotY edition on GOG with the code patch mod.


I love how alien the setting is compared to Skyrim. It gives it a cool identity.

Mark/Recall is a great spell combination. I'm aware that Morrowind didn't introduce it, but it still a great spell that I wish was in Skyrim and Oblivion.

The quests are fun, for the most part.

I wish that taunting NPCs was still a thing, since it makes killing them legal.

Merchants keeping the stuff you sell them is a great feature, even if I think it was done because containers have a weight limit.

Enchanted items regening their power over time is a feature I'll never forgive


Lets get the easy ones out of the way: no quest markers (I don't find getting lost fun, and I tend to explore more when I don't fear losing track of the location I need to go is), fast travel is very limited (port-jumping gets real old when you need to return to the same port for multiple quests. Wish that you could go to any ports you visited already from any port, even if it would cost more), and lack of non-rest magicka regen (made me very hesitant to use my spells).

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Escort quests. Need I say more? Bloodmoon had 1/5 of the game's total number of them, I swear.

You need to hold sneak, rather than it being just a press like in later games.

Quests glitching out. Didn't happen often, but just enough to make me add it to the list.

Falling through the floor. I think it was just under 10 times in Vivec and once in Bamz-Amschend. At least the latter teleported me back into the map.

The Bloodmoon creatures. Spriggans are just women with branches for hair and long nails (and you need to kill three times instead of two times), the mounted rieklings having consent reflect was annoying, horkers' flesh trunk things looks painful, and the draugr look silly, going Sanic speed and looking like something I'd draw as a kid to be edgy. Sure that I'll get flaked for that last one, since people seem to think they're great and/or terrifying if me looking up Bloodmoon memes is any indication.

Containers having weight limit hurts my hoarding soul.

Everything being an alchemy ingredient is just dumb to me.

The Nine Divine wanting you annoys me. If Skyrim did something like that, people would find it too much, as they should (and I do with Morrowind). It's just three if I'm remembering correctly, but that's still too many in my book.

The Deadra Prince quests miss a bit too often for my liking, like Molag Bal just sending you to kill a deadra or Azura doing the same but for different reasons.

Audio and that you can't turn down the hit noise.

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Your strength being drained is just annoying and is infuriating.

You get knocked back too often, even with well over 100 agility.

You're slow when walking, even with 100 speed.

The environment can be way too slanted to climb up properly, which very much annoys me.


Enchanting. Enchanting weapons is great, but armor I couldn't do much with and it made me rely on enchanted armor found in the world for the most part.

Dagoth Ur. I like that he plays a role in the trouble you find in the world, and your chant with him in the last quest, but I found him acting like you know him annoying (I know why he does in in the story, but it's still annoying to me), and I found him easier to kill than Alduin, the boss that everyone complaints about being too easy for his build-up and being a god. My Skyrim bias may be playing a factor, I'll admit.

Those are my thoughts on Morrowind, which I did very much enough, even if my list of negatives is longer than my list of positives.


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